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Friday, July 15, 2011


Bed rest is officially over so here's the long version of what happened for the FET. First the exciting part -- here's the picture of our precious embryo:
 The reason it looks like there may be two there is that it's hatching (i.e., coming out of the protective shell/membrane so it can implant in the uterus once transferred). They tell us that it survived the freeze/thaw process wonderfully with no damage.

But now I'll back up and describe the day.
We arrived at CCRM at 10:30AM for bloodwork. They tested my E2 and P4. My p4 went down from Monday's test but was still above the 5 they were looking for (it was 7.8 on FET day). My e2 however is kicking some serious tuckus -- up from 112 to 1,170 since I started taking estrace in addition to my 4 Vivelle (ERT) patches. This increase in e2 may explain why I haven't been nauseous since Monday. And I've been way less bloated. I'm hoping I've crossed some sort of e2 threshold where the discomfort is less. 

Around 11:00AM, I went in for pre-FET acupuncture. I did it right there in the transfer room. DH could've come in with me but opted not to. I thought I'd have an easier time relaxing if I was alone the room and he wasn't super thrilled about watching someone stick a bunch of needles into me. Since he was there for the post-FET acupuncture, he took some pictures.
The acupuncture lasted about 1/2 hour. Then DH joined me in the transfer room. A nurse came in, explained the rest of what to expect, took my vitals, etc. She also gave me a Valium which is standard procedure. To relax the muscles so the transfer is less uncomfortable so the patient moves less during transfer. It's also to help reduce post-transfer cramping so help keep the embie in there.

The time between acu and FET was also a time for me to chug water because I need a full bladder for the FET to help move my uterus into the most optimal position for receiving the embryo. Little did they know that I chug water all the time so my bladder got ridiculously full (which was confirmed by ultrasound) and I then had to go to the bathroom to empty some of it so that I didn't pee on Dr. S during the transfer.

They brought our little bean into room in what they call the "embryo limo". This contraption included the screen that allowed us to see the little bean prior to transfer. I was so very relieved that our embie survived the transfer and looked great. I'm so used to things going wrong with IF treatment that I realized I had prepared myself to hear that we lost one or two in the thaw process. So this news was quite a relief.

Around 12:30PM, Dr. Surrey transferred our little bean. It was great that it was Dr. Surrey since he's our primary RE at CCRM. I know the other RE's would've been fine (Dr. G did our ER and given the 29 eggs he retrieved I certainly have no complaints there) but it was nice to have Dr. S involved in this way. They did a trial transfer first which involved just transferring some sort fluid then transferred little bean. They tested the needle to make sure the embie was transferred (i.e., didn't get stuck in the needle) -- again standard practice and our little bean was successfully transfer. The transfer is guided by ultrasound, so once the little bean was in place, they showed us on the ultrasound a mass of fluid in my uterus that contained our embie. That was very cool.

After transfer, they cleared out and I got the joy of peeing in my first bedpan. Which is way easier said than done, even when on Valium. Bedpans are so not designed for women. But I was finally able to make it happen. Which was important as I had to lay there for an hour after transfer and that would have been miserable given how full my bladder was.

After the bedpan, the acupuncturist returned for round 2. It was once again very relaxing. So much so that Mr. Valium put me right to sleep. DH stayed in the room for that one and said it didn't look as painful as he thought it would look (so not nearly as scary as he thought it would be).

After an hour, they had DH go pull the car around front while I got dressed and wheeled out of CCRM. The Valium had me woozy so I was thankful for the wheelchair. They had me lay down in the car (i.e., recline the front passenger seat all the way down) for the ride the home.

Then the bed rest began. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I think mainly because day 1 I was pretty out of it most of the day from the Valium. Day 2 was a little more boring but I had Netflix, DVD's, and DH waiting on me. It was very true for me what other ladies have said -- I had a hard time reading both days so my Kindle got very little use. Glad I brought that and didn't lug several books here that didn't get read. It was also nice to have a king size bed so I had lots of room to move around and try to get comfortable during 2 days in bed.

Now begins the wait. I've been doing Zita West meditation to help me through the 2ww. I'll also continue to use my witchy foot salts and wear my fertility rune. And insert my p4 and e2 pills, wear my e2 patches, and take my prenatals, synthroid, baby aspirin, and Vit D. No exercise (including yoga) for at least a week.


  1. Wow that is an amazing pic! Very Beautiful. So nice to hear that everything turned out great and it went smoothly.

  2. Agreed--beautiful embryo! Fingers continue to be crossed.

  3. Wow - that is the coolest embryo picture I have seen. It looks so alive! Sound like everything went really well for you. I am so happy to hear that. I think the part that scares me the most is the full bladder deal. I have a really small bladder so it's going to be hard! I am definitely going to get the acupuncture, though I am sure the valium did a good job of sending you off to lala land. Hope your 2 week wait flies by!

  4. Wow - just getting caught up on blog posts I've missed while on vacation - congrats Manni - sounds like everything went GREAT!! Can't wait to hear the news - when is your beta scheduled?

  5. Very jealous you got to pee before the 2nd acu! That was seriously killer for me. And did you ask / they tell you what the gender was??? I've heard they don't tell you anymore. (they told me w/ W- we had transferred 2 boys)

    LOVE the embie pic!!!!!

  6. Anniep -- I was thinking of you when they told me that I'd get to pee before post-FET acu and wondering whether you didn't get the option to pee or whether you couldn't make it happen in the bedpan. Because I seriously almost couldn't make it happen despite a very full bladder!

    And no we didn't ask what the sex was. We thought that would make it more difficult if this little bean doesn't stick. But we'll ask if they'll tell us after the beta (not sure how soon after the beta as this is all uncharted territory for DH and I).