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Friday, July 8, 2011

Gonna make it

This has been my mantra the last few days and has brought many smiles to may face (as only Steve Martin/The Three Amigos can do):

Turns out when you get close to making it (or at least close to the FET), it's when CCRM gets serious about medications. Here's my medication schedule between now and FET:

Lupon shots -- no more shots!!! Had my last one last night! Please let this be my last shot for at least a year.

What I am on:
Vivelle (ERT; 4 patches) -- changed every other day
Estrace (pill - 2 mcg) -- inserted vaginally 2x per day
Endometrin (100mg) -- inserted vaginally 3x per day
Tetracycline (250mg) -- 4x per day
Medrol (16mg)-- one per night
Vitamin D supplement -- one per night
Prenatal vitamins -- one per night
Baby aspirin -- one per night
Synthroid (25 mcg) -- one per morning

Needless to say, my Days of the Week Pill box is going to come in very handy keeping track of all this. I think too I'll need to set my phone alarm to remind me to take the Tetracycline and the mid-day Endometrin.

Gonna make it. Gonna make it.


  1. YES! Let's not see Lupron for a year! And you WILL make it Manni!

  2. Ha - I love Steve Martin! You are gonna make it! Yay for no mas Lupron. I wish I was already in Colorado!

  3. Love that movie. (I think that means we're old...)

    You guys going out there on the 12th?

    SO.VERY.EXCITED for you!!!