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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hampton Inn & Suites, Denver Tech Center

We arrived in Denver last night safe and sound. We're staying at the Hampton Inn & Suites using the CCRM rate because it was such a good deal. To the left is an overview of the kitchen/living room layout.

Overall we're happy here. Unfortunately, the first thing we noticed when we got here was the strong, dank smell in the room because the AC wasn't on. Once we turned it on, the smell went away. 
The kitchen seems fine. Stove, microwave, sink, dishwasher, full size fridge with freezer. Comes with dishes, dishwashing detergent, dish towel, washchoth. Lots of storage space.

The living room area is fine. Our biggest complaint here is no DVD player. But we did get one from the front desk on our 2nd day. So if you'd like a DVD player, I suggest you make arrangements for one ahead of time.
The CCRM rate is for a one bedroom suite. Here's a pic of the bedroom. Nice king size bed that takes up most the room. But it was dark and quiet in here. I sleep with earplugs and was undisturbed all three nights we were here (and I'm the lightest sleeper I know). Again no DVD player with the TV.

Bathroom is fine. Clean. Decent water pressure.

This place has complimentary breakfast and happy hour snacks. We only took advantage of the breakfast (to save some $$ and to avoid buying a ton of groceries for our 3 day stay). It wasn't great but they do have hot selections (eggs and waffles every day, other things changed by the day -- e.g., bacon, pizza bagels).

Overall, we're so far fine with this place. Especially for the price.  In addition to what's I describe above, there's complementary wi-fii, work out room, pool, free parking, computer to print out boarding pass in the lobby. No shuttle and no laundry. But we didn't need either of these for our brief trip.


  1. Good luck Manni! I'm thinking of you!

  2. The big day is almost here. How exciting. Best Wishes!

  3. Hey Manni - this is where I booked a room. That sucks that they don't have DVD player. Can you rent movies pay per view? I might have to do a reconnaisance mission for another place to stay, since we are going to be there so long, but I will give it a whirl. Does it smell like mold/mildew?

  4. Turtlemama-it turns out the room was dank smelling because the ac wasn't on in our room when we arrived. Also the hotel has DVD players. You can get from front desk. I recommend you arrange it ahead of time. So far there haven't been any available for us. I'm liking this place much better now that we've been here longer.

  5. Our DVD player just arrived :)

  6. Good to know Manni - thanks for the tips! I wish our trips were going to overlap:)

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