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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Houston, we have a problem

Wouldn't you know this couldn't go smoothly?!? My nurse just called and my estradoil is low. They like it to be over 300 at this point and mine's a mere 112. WTF. I'm so mad at my stupid body right now. But trying to focus on the positive -- the plan is this: once Dr. S gets my u/s results (tomorrow) they'll most likely put me on estrace to help increase my estradoil. If I'm remembering right and my uterine lining was 7.8 that's not too far off -- they like it to be over 8 at this point. So they may have to push back the transfer a day or two to give my body time to get where they want it to be. The good news is there were already some cushion days built into my calendar so it seems that it's not unusual to have to tweak things as we get closer to transfer. My nurse didn't seem too concerned although I didn't ask whether there was a chance we'd have to cancel the FET. I wasn't ready to hear the answer if it was yes.

I'll post the verdict as soon as I hear from CCRM tomorrow...


  1. Ugh! Hoping it's just a minor setback and that it can be taken care of by the estrace. Fingers crossed for you.

  2. I doubt they would cancel Manni. The estrace will do the trick. It's just hard when you are counting the minutes!! Ugh! Hang in there, you are almost there :-)