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Friday, July 22, 2011

No result (aka I hate Lap Corp...and am not happy with CCRM)

CCRM didn't write STAT on my lab orders so the lab didn't run the blood today. So no beta results.
And my nurse didn't call me back all day today despite my leaving several voicemails and emails. I finally called the CCRM main number and spoke to the receptionist and explained that it was 4:45PM CST and the lab closes at 5PM so I needed confirmation regarding whether they got my labs or not ASAP so I coudl call the lab before it closed. She looked into it, called me back, and told me they never got the results. So I called LapCorp who didn't pick up the f'ing phone. So DH and I both left our works and drove like mad to LapCorp to try to get there before close. No luck. On my way though I finally got through to a LapCorp customer service number and that's when I was informed that they didn't run it because it wasn't STAT. 
My nurse finally  called me back after I left a message crying and begging her to call me. I requested that they please put into place a system for patients to find out if CCRM has received test results so that ohther women don't have to go through what I'm going through. She apologized a lot and stated that this is a big deal so she will look into whether LapCorp can run the test tonight and get her the results tonight. She's on call tonight so could call me with the results. But Lab Corp won't call her with the results tonight they will only fax them tomorrow morning.

I had my blood drawn at 7:30AM this morning so it is so frustrating to me that I couldn't find out until 4:45PM that they didn't run my blood.
I am so mad at CCRM for not having a better communications system with their out of state patients and of course at Lab Corp for not running my freaking test!


  1. HFS! Good for you for telling CCRM they need a better system. I am so sorry you have to wait even longer to find out your results. We are all thinking about you!

  2. Awww Manni! That sucks. Chin up though - good things are around the corner - I just know it!

  3. That is such BS! Argh! Sorry that you had to deal with that stress right now. Saying a big prayer for you that your results come soon and are positive!

  4. This is SOOO frustrating Manni!! I'm so mad for you!

  5. So sorry. Hope they call you bright and early in the morning.

  6. O...M...G...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They really should know better than to mess with psycho hormonal women like that. I mean, REALLY...