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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Still pregnant

Apparently I need more regular confirmation that I'm really still pregnant than what CCRM is giving me (CCRM is having me do 1 blood test per week). It's been since Sunday that I've had a blood test (which I think is just way too much time!!! I'd like daily tests please. Hourly if my veins can swing it!). So I took another HPT today. This one is different from the one I used last week so I don't know yet if the line is getting darker. But here's today's confirmation that I'm still pregnant (for those who don't obsessively POAS, 1 line is BFN, 2 lines is BFP):


  1. Looks great to me! Of course, I had to take a pic of mine from this morning to compare. :) I'm a day behind you, I think (I'm 13dp5dt), but this is the same brand and everything and it looks really similar.

    When do you get to have your first u/s? I don't get any more blood tests beyond the first two, but a week from today is our first u/s. The wait is killing me, but it's a much more enjoyable wait than anything I've experienced since starting TTC. :) Best of luck to you!!

  2. That's great news Jenn! My first u/s will be when I'm 6w3d preggers. So ~ 1.5 weeks. I have a blood test this Friday to see how my HCG's doing. Thank goodness -- I don't know if I could wait until the u/s for more bloodwork. I'm dying to know if my HCG is still rising and if so by how much! If IF treatment teaches us anything, it's definitely patience. :)

  3. Manni - Go POAS wild

    You've worked so hard for this. You deserve it!

    Glad to hear CCRM changed their policy again. When I cycled, they did two betas and that was it...until the u/s.