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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

uterus looks good

I had my u/s this AM with at an imagining center. They need to write up the official report which will take 24 hours. So I won't get the word from CCRM until tomorrow whether my uterus and blood levels are OK for an FET on 7/13. But the guy who did my ultrasound said my uterus looked great -- ready for transfer. He said it was something like 7.8 mm which he said is good for transfer.

Interestingly he also said I have two small fibroids (one the size of a pea, the other smaller). He said there are on the periphery of my uterus and thus shouldn't interfere with implantation or pregnancy. He said that ~ 50% of women have them and they usually aren't a concern unless they get big (which mine apparently are not). I've never been told I have fibroids so that was new. Learn something new about my body all the time these days.

I also got blood taken to test my estrogen and progesterone levels. Won't get those results back until tomorrow either.