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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week 5 levels

As part of CCRM's monitoring of my pregnancy I'm getting bloodwork done weekly. Here are the results from Friday's tests:
Estradiol: 2498 (anything over 300 is good)
Progesterone: 8.88 (anything over 5 is good)
HCG: 2356 (means the bean is continuing to grow)

Given my E2 and p4 levels are doing so well, we'll start weaning me off the ERT and p4 suppositories after my first ultrasound which will be early next week.

I am so glad for these weekly tests -- it's so reassuring to hear that my levels are looking good and that it looks like the bean is still in there and growing strong.


  1. This is wonderful news Manni! Everything is going PERFECT! Enjoy!

  2. Wow - your levels look awesome! That is wonderful they are going to start weaning you off of the progesterone and estrogen. I can't wait to hear about your first u/s!

  3. Manni - I have a question for you - When did you resume your normal exercise/yoga routine after the egg retrieval?

  4. TurtleMama ~ I should have kept a better journal of all that as I think I've blocked it out!!! I had a hard time recovering from the OHSS so didn't get back to exercise as soon as I would have liked. I just looked back at my blog and I waited 15 days after ER before my first exercise. I then biked to work and felt terrible afterwards.

    I recommend listening to your body. Start out by doing exercise at home first so you can stop if you start to feel bad. I also used heart rate montior when I did spin so I could make sure I wasn't over doing it. So my advice would be to ease into it and listen to your body rather than what I did which was to think "it's been X days/weeks, I should feel fine and therefore will exercise so prep my body for FET and push through the discomfort". I don't think I did any damage by doing that but I think I put more pressure on myself to get over the OHSS than I needed to.

  5. Thanks Manni- I got kind of lightheaded cleaning the fridge this morning, so I think I will just have to take it easy until AF arrives. Not to mention, it's hot as hell down here! I just read back on your blog too. My DH and I are also oscillating on 1 vs 2 embryo transfer. It's such a hard one for me! Did your doctor try to sway you one way or the other? It's so encouraging to see that you got pregnant with a SET the first time around!

  6. TurtleMama ~ Because I'm 36 Dr. Surrey stated that the national recommendations are to transfer 2. He however didn't push for 1 or 2. Rather I thought he did a good job of presenting the facts. That with CCS our odds of implantation were greater than if we hadn't done CCS. That each embie would have a 65% liklihood of implantation regardless of whether they were transferred together in one FET or separately in 2 FETs. That the risk of complications is greater with twins than with singles.

    In the end, DH and I decided to go with 1 instead of 2 because (1) we've never been pregnant so had no reason to believe that 1 wouldn't work and (2) realized we had gone through so much to have a healthy baby (the time and expense of CCS, PGD) that it didn't make sense to us to increase our changes of a high-risk pregnancy by transferring 2 (and thus potentially having twins). We have friends with twins and would have been very happy to have twins. But we also thought for this first IVF that we'd be conservative and do everything we could for a healthy baby.

    I definitely suggest you also talk it over with your RE to see if yours pushes for one or the other and why.

  7. Thanks for your response - We didn't do the CCS, so that's something consider in our transfer. I think the odds for us are 50% with 1 and 70% with 2, but a 40-50% chance of twin. It's like rolling the dice. We have had so much trouble during the conception part, wouldn't be nice to have an easy uncomplicated pregnancy?