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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

8w4d ultrasound

We had our 8.5 week ultrasound today. We got to hear our bean's heartbeat and see his/her brain (the black spot in the baby's head isn't airheadedness but huge brainage), head, spinal column, and arm and leg buds. Heart rate and size are all good. fyi -- the small sac in the upper left hand corner is a hormone sac that takes care of our bean until my placenta kicks in (~ 12 weeks).

Our ultrasound tech (who has 4 kids) describe
our bean's size/shape as similar to a Teddy-graham. DH now imagines our baby as a mini-bear cooked to a golden crispy brown, which is so cute.

Here's the pic of our little
Teddy-graham. The arrows point (from top down) to head, arm bud, and leg bud:


  1. Wow! It must feel more real now! I cannot wait for that moment!

  2. great Manni! Congrats - must have made everything more 'real'.

  3. Awww Manii! He/she is perfect!!! So happy for you!