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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I must know who's going to deliver my baby at 5.5 weeks?!? Seriously?!?

I just called my OB/GYN's office to reschedule my 6.5 week ultrasound from Monday (when I thought I was supposed to do it) to Tuesday (when my nurse actually wants me to do it). My OB/GYN isn't available to do it on Tuesday. So I asked if someone else in the office could do it. The person on the phone told me no because if Dr. B (my OB/GYN) is going to deliver the baby then she has to do the u/s. I told them I have no idea at this point who's doing to deliver. I'm only 5.5 weeks pregnant. She insisted that whoever does the u/s has to deliver my baby. When I told her that I just need the u/s because my care is being coordinated out of state I think she almost lost her mind. She refused to schedule me for an u/s because I couldn't guarantee that the MD who did my u/s would be the one to deliver my baby. WTF?!  I know lots of women who switch from their OB/GYN to a different OB once they are preggers. This is not uncommon. And yet you'd think I'm the most high maintenance pregnant woman in this city!

So I just scheduled an appointment with the imaging center in the hospital that in-network for my insurance. I was hoping to get to do it with my OB/GYN or someone in her office (so we could share the moment with someone who somewhat knows us) but oh well. A tech that I've never met it is. DH will be with me so he and I can share the moment together regardless of who else is in the room.

What a weirdo that lady was. I tell ya, dealing with MD's, nurses, hospitals, scheduling people, insurance companies...It's enough to drive a girl bonkers. Do these people lose sight of the fact that their are in a customer service industry? That they have jobs that involve helping people? Seriously. Shame on them.

Ah CCRM I miss you already and I haven't even transitioned away from being your patient yet!


  1. Crazy! It's just an ultrasound. At least you found someone to do it.

  2. Come on! It's just an ultrasound, why do they have to make it so difficult!

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  4. Welcome to the American health care system. It's only going to get worse if we ever see Obamacare. Let's face it - to experience quality medical care, eventually it's all going to be private-pay.

    A little unrelated, I was listening to Deepak Chopra's radio show yesterday and half-listened to a commentator who was complaining because someone had to pay $11,000 in medical expenses out-of-pocket. They explained that if this person had been treated in a country like Canada (and I quote excatly what they said here) "it would be free."

    1. Clearly this person never suffered infertility. $11,000? Hello? That's like NOTHING!!!

    2. No medical care is "free" - the money has to come from somewhere.

    No wonder why foreigners sometimes see the USA as a bunch of idiots.

  5. Manni - That is RIDICULOUS at this stage. Unbelievable!

    Oh and IVFlygirl - on your point, you're right - no medical care is 'free' - we are taxed to the hilt in Canada to pay for our healthcare system (and - IVF is still not a covered service - well, in a couple of provinces it is partially covered - Ontario and Quebec - but not for the rest of us - we pay the full cost).

  6. Nuts! I have never heard of that! You'd think they would be bending over backwards to get you in there. Sorry you had to deal with that.