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Monday, August 8, 2011

morning sickness

I now have no doubt about it -- morning sickness has set in. For the past few days, I have been nauseous all day long. It's better if I eat every 1-2 hours but I'm starting to find that's tough to do when you want to throw up! Luckily I haven't thrown up yet but the nausea does make it tough to be productive at work.

I've tried sea bands with mixed results. Some days I feel like they may be helping but other times I wonder if that's placebo effect. Today is one of the latter days.

The good news is that morning sickness = pregnancy! And I feel pretty confident now that this nausea is due to pregnancy and not to my medications.

Can't wait to see our little bean during tomorrow's ultrasound!!!


  1. I am a week ahead of you and have horrible morning sickness with lots of vomit! I have the bands and I am on the fence whether they work or not. Am moving on to preggy pops to see if that works.

    I have an u/s tomorrow as well. Hope we both hear little heartbeats.

  2. Who would have ever thought nausea would be welcome!

  3. Thanks for letting me know about preggy pops!!! I will look into them. Let me know if you find them helpful.
    Hope all goes well with your u/s!!!

  4. I have not tried the preggy pops but have heard great things about them! Sour candy definitey helps and I am constantly eating pop ice- the cold and little bit of sour helps settle my stomach. Ginger ale worked for a bit but after throwing it up a couple of times now the smell of it makes me sick! It's all pretty awesome though! Definitey reassurance! Yay!

  5. The preggy pop drops are pretty good, and they do seem to work for me. I had a few days without any nausea and was a bit freaked about that, but it came back yesterday. Who knew I'd be happy to feel so gross? ;) I actually sat at my desk grinning today because I was nauseous. Good thing no one I work with can see me without walking into my work space! I hope yours doesn't get too bad!!

  6. Good luck tomorrow. Don't be afraid to ask your nurse for Zofran (or an equivalent). Yes, m/s is "cool" at first, but the novelty wears off and you have to take care of you!

  7. Definitely ask for Zofran!!!!! <3 Zofran. They might want to give you phenergan first, but hey, it's worth a shot. It is NOT OK to 'have' to be that miserable and pregnant. There are little pills that can help.

    The zofran also tends to make you constipated, so just be aware of that.

  8. Thanks Anniep! I'll ask about meds when my nurse calls to discuss this AM's ultra sound.