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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pregnancy symptoms: 9.5 weeks

I'm doing pretty well considering this is the first trimester of my first pregnancy. More nausea this week than I've had recently but the seabands, preggie pop drops, and strategies to rest/limit stress seems to help (e.g., I've been working from home when I can so I can put my feet up when I need to, take naps, etc). I'm tired a lot but I let myself sleep 8-10 hours per night (whatever my body wants) and nap 1x per day most days (or at lease lie down w feet up and eyes closed for ~ 20 min). It seems to help. No real cravings but definitely food aversions. Nothing consistent but sometimes some foods just seem icky including things I love (e.g., salmon -- I never thought that would happen!).  Rather than cravings there are times when only certain foods sound like they won't make me barf (and anything else might). so it's less that I really want a certain food and more like it's the only thing that I can imagine eating and not feeling worse. My OB has offered to give me a Rx for the nausea but I don't think it's debilitating so I'll wait for meds unless I feel I really need them. I've been on so many meds to get to this point, continue to be on the hormones, etc that I'd like to do without meds at least through first trimester to give my and my baby's bodies a chance to do things naturally.

I gained weight this week -- I think it's baby weight although it could be lack of exercise/increased eating to combat nausea that's done it. This is the first weight I've gained since preggers and it's 3 lbs. The recommendations are to gain no more than 5 in the first trimester. I want to try to stick to that since I entered this pregnancy with a BMI of 26 thanks to 1.5 years of hormone treatments. Out of concern for the effects of maternal obesity on the baby--I have no worries about how gaining weight will affect my body image etc at this point. I've already wrestled with and beaten down those thoughts during the IF weight gain.

I also have a cold today. DH had it yesterday and is already feeling better today so we're pretty sure it's not the flu. But I'm taking the day off work today to rest since my immune system is weaker than his due to the pregnancy. So I want to try to direct all my energy to fighting this thing so it doesn't affect the baby. Plus it's making me even more tired than usual so I can't really focus enough to get work done anyway. Thank goodness for Netflix. I'll have a Mad Men marathon day today. :)


  1. I hope your nausea resolves soon (and the cold)! I wouldn't worry too much about the weight gain. I think alot of women experience wt gain more than than 5 lbs in the first trimester, especially if they are carb loading to combat nausea. As long as it doesn't continue to spike weekly you are ok! (I am a dietitian:) I love Madmen and am sad I have to wait until next spring to see the next season. (I watched all of the episodes off netflix last spring while doing all my IUI's)

  2. Feel better soon and get some rest!

  3. You're just moving right along. I logged on and my first thought was almost 10 weeks, already! Hope that you're feeling better.

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