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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Reassurance seeking

Well it's that time again. It's midway through the week and it's been a while since a medical professional reassured me that I am, in fact, pregnant. Thus, time to POAS to reassure myself.

Yep, still pregnant.

I have blodwork tomorrow to see how my e2 and p4 are doing. I'll throw in an HCG test as well because I like to hear that one is doing well too.

Today I'm trying sea bands. The nausea has gotten worse the past couple of days. Morning sickness starts around 6 weeks and given how my body likes to be nauseaus in response to girly hormones, I'm not surpised mine has come early. No puking thankfully and I hope it stays that way. But the neausea does make it hard to concentrate on work. And I'd like to be productive this summer and into Fall so if/when I'm less productive in the Spring and next Summer, it'll all even out. I've read mixed reviews about the sea bands so I'll let you know if they work for me.

Also the bloat has gotten worse. Yesterday I seriously looked preggers. Even in my A-line shirts that I've been wearing to cover the bloat -- a very clear bloat bump was visible. I'm hoping today's bloat doesn't get that bad. Not only is it uncomfortable but I'm headed into the office later today and am not ready for people who don't know I'm preggers to start asking (in case this doesn't work. which I know it probably will but still I'm not ready to deal with that yet).

Of course I love my pregnancy symptoms because they mean I'm pregnant! And they give me some reassurance that the little bean is progressing.


  1. Symptoms are good! Sorry you're feeling like crap though. Hoping all your numbers come back great.

  2. Love the reassurance from the test and symptoms. I'm sure your tests will come back great tomorrow. Are you taking photos of the different stages of you tummy? That would be so fun to have!