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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Week 8 bloodwork

You read that right -- I'm 8 weeks pregnant! This feels like quite a milestone as the first 8 weeks as especially high-risk. I'm so excited for Tuesday's ultrasound to get confirmation that our little bean is still doing well. But in the meantime I have to settle for blood tests. My nurse said they continue to look good:


So I get to wean off hte drugs even more! yay! I can stop the estrace altogether (the estrogen pills that I've been inserting vaginally 2x per day) and reduce my prometrium from 3x per day to 2x per day. This is huge for two reasons -- my nurse thinks that I'm probably so bloated because my e2 levels are so high so doing away with the estrace should help with that and wow I would love to be less bloated. Also the prometrium is the pill that I have to lay down for 30 min after I insert vaginally. So my only having to take 2x per day I can do in the AM before work and in the PM before bed and do away with the mid-day pill that was such a pain (tough to find a good time during the day to lay down for 30 mins -- and that's without a child!).

I've been feeling pretty good. Tired a lot. Taking some naps which for me is new as I'm not a napper. Bloated but that's nothing new. The nausea comes and goes. It's not consistent like it used to be which I think may be from reducing my e2 Vivelle patches from 4 to 3. So I'm having a lovely 1st trimester all things considered. :)

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