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Friday, September 16, 2011

12 week bloodwork

My levels continue to look good. Estradiol level is 858, Progesterone is 20. I can decrease the Vivelle (ERT) patches from 2 to 1 every other day and I can stop Prometrium altogether.

Symptoms are doing better for the most part. I am EXHAUSTED a lot of the time. I take naps when i can but a lot of days I can't. So work has been much less productive than I would like. But that's a small price to pay for having gotten this far.

I have an u/s Tuesday. Looking forward to seeing our baby again :)


  1. Tuesday is almost here Manni! How exciting! When is the gender ultrasound? I'm sure is not this one but how much longer do you have to wait? And btw, do you have a preference?

  2. Yay! You are almost to the 2nd trimester. Are you going to find out gender? I think most IFer's do. We are tired of the unknown:) I thought about you today, because these E2 patches are making me feel kinda nauseous. Not too bad, but just enough to notice it.

  3. Glad everything's going well Manni! Hope you get some great shots of your little dude/dudette on Tuesday's ultrasound.

  4. CCRM no longer tells the gender. So we need to wait like a "normal" pregnant couple for the gender u/s. Usually ~ 20 weeks.

  5. Very exciting, so happy things are going well. Every time I read your posts I can't believe the number of weeks you are. How amazing.