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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

holy 2nd trimester Batman!

Below is a pic of the baby at 12.5 weeks. S/he's doing great! Was sitting straight up and starting to really move in there. S/he seems to like bringing her/his arm to face then back down again in a manner that looks like waving at the camera :) And at one point during the ultrasound s/he stretched -- it was adorable!

Size of the baby and my uterus all look good. The heart rate was 165 which she said was perfect. I'm nearly off all my meds (only on 1 Vivelle [ERT] patch every other day), so soon I'll be a normal high-risk geriatric pregnancy (i.e., I'll graduate from CCRM and just be under the care of my OB). The pregnancy will always be considered high risk because it's an IVF pregnancy and because I'm over 35. So other than the blow to my ego that comes with being "geriatric", we're all doing great!

I'm considering changing OBs. The one I'm working with right now is very nice and shares a lot of my and DH's thoughts about delivery. But she's very new to practicing -- has only been practicing about a year. And at first I thought that might be a plus -- that she'd be up on the research etc having just got out of school. But I'm starting to think there's also something to be said for experience. For example, I asked her today when we can get tested for CF to confirm the baby is CF negative. Her first response was "When the baby's born". What what what?!? So I followed-up that no we'd like prenatal testing to confirm the PGD worked. She stated that she assumed that since we worked so hard to get this baby that we wouldn't want to do anything to increase risk of m/c (can only test for CF in utero with amnio which has risk of m/c 1/300 cases). I was disappointed that she would make that assumption without asking us esp since we went to all this trouble to do what we can to have a healthy baby.  I want an OB who tells me my options and then lets DH and I decide rather than making assumptions. If I didn't remember from our meeting with the genetic counselor that about now is the time to get tested for CF, we could have never gotten tested.

The other red flag -- she's going to call the people that do the testing today bc she actually doesn't know all the details of when to test, whether I need amnio or a more invasive test for CF, etc. Again, suggests she doesn't have a whole lot of experience/knowledge about how to treat a patient like me. I appreciate that she's looking into it but at the same time, as a high-risk geriatric pregnancy I think I want my OB to know stuff so she can act in the moment just in case anything goes wrong.


  1. GREAT pic -s(he) definitely looks like a baby at this point! So great!

  2. What an amazing pic, truly! I agree about the OB. I would rather someone that gives you options instead of assuming for you. Good Luck with that.

  3. You are rolling right along. Congrats on hitting this milestone.

  4. yeah, that would REALLY make me nervous, too. Talk to your friends, esp if they've had high risk pg's, too...