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Thursday, October 20, 2011

By popular demand -- the baby bump

Here's a pic of the 16.5 week baby bump. In just the past couple of days it's really morphed from a belly that could just be chubby to a pregnant lady's belly. And, as you can see, it's become a true booby-do :) And that's with my boobs growing almost as fast as my bump (I'm up 2 cup sizes already!). Sorry if this is all TMI -- but I figure if I'm going to document I'll tell you all the fun details :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Had OB appt (with newbie OB)

I had an appt with the newbie OB today who I'll continue to see until I find a new OB. The good news is that everything looks great! There results from my bloodwork and u/s suggest that the risk of c-somal abnormalities are very low (which isn't surprising given we did CCS but it's still great to hear). I got to hear baby B's heart beat which was also good.

Next appt will be in 4 weeks (just before GA 20w). At that time we'll do a comprehensive anatomy scan and hopefully learn the baby's gender. In the meantime, they'll be scheduling me for an echo so they can check out the baby's heart structure given ICSI babies tend to have more defects (this procedure recommended by CCRM).

It's definitely going to feel weird to go FOUR weeks without someone poking and prodding me and the baby. Last week was the first week since the FET that I haven't had blood drawn. Don't get me wrong -- it's nice giving my poor veins a break (and getting some time for my track marks to heal). But a bit surreal to think I won't have more regular reassurance that the baby's doing well. Newbie OB said that I'm welcome to come in before then if I want to hear the heartbeat but I think I'll try to stick it out and see how it feels to be a "normal" pregnant woman :)

Also it's not as though I don't have a lot to do re: the baby. I'm going to an "exceptional birthing" class tonight hosted by a doula to start to learn about my birthing options. I have lunch Thurs with a new friend who recently had a baby in town so I can get her advice on OBs etc. And if we find a new OB to try, DH and I may schedule a consultation appt to see if we like the new OB.

Reminders that not all docs are ccrm docs

Found out that the ob I want to transfer to won't see me because he "works side by side" with the ob I want to leave. By side by side he means that they are in the same call group. I explained that I have no problem w her but want a doc w more experience to oversee my care. He just won't do it. Ugh! I'm sad bc this ob was highly recommended to me by three friends who recently had babies. So now I'm stuck w the newbie ob until I can figure out who to try next. I'm so upset. After all we've been through I'd like an ob I can trust. And I have lost faith in his newbie ob. I'm pretty sure my baby is her first IVF baby. Her nurse can never figure out what week I'm in bc my due date isn't calculated from last AF. Seriously?! The last straw was not only did newbie make assumptions about my care but then after consulting w maternal and fetal medicine about in utero screening for CF, gave me the wrong info. Which I wouldntve have known if not for several meetings w genetic counselors.

So the search is on for a new ob... Wish me luck!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

We are completely out

Last night DH and I posted the news that we're pregnant on facebook so we are not officially, publicly, out (i.e., our pregnancy is now public news). So those of you who've been so wonderful about not sharing out news until we were ready (which we greatly appreciate btw) are now free to share with the world :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

screening tests, graduation, and coming out

My 2nd trimester officially began Friday. Here's the update:
1. we had the ultrasound test for possible chromosome issues (they measure back of the baby's neck for potential size abnormalities that may signal Downs or other trisomy). I had to have 3 different ultraounds over a 2 week period to get the measurement -- because of my retroverted uterus (and, as one u/s tech said, my stubborn baby -- what? me have a stubborn baby?!? s/he will, after all, be an Aries like her/his momma and maternal grandpa--stubborn runs in the family). But the 3rd time was a charm and we got the reading. All looks normal. Which wasn't too surprising given the CCS but it was nice to get the reassurance that they did transfer to chromasomally normal embie (hey doctors are human too and can make mistakes).

The cool thing about all those ultrasounds was I got to see my baby way more often than most mom's get it. So amazing to see him/her moving around, looking so healthy and beautiful.

2. my hormone levels (estradiol and progesterone) continue to look good so I'm still drug free. And have officially graduated from CCRM. My care is officially, completely transferred to local OB. I'm a "normal" pregnant woman these days :) (normal is bunny normal because all IVF pregnancies are considered high risk and my age means my pregnancy is also high risk so other than that, it's normal).

3. DH and I decided to not test for CF at this point. We decided that the risk is so low given the PGD that why increase the baby's risk of m/c? Also we didn't want to do CVS (m/c risk 1 in 30) which left amnio (m/c risk 1 in 300). But the glitch with amnio is that we wouldn't get the results back until ~ 20 weeks. Finding out if the baby has CF would really only help us (1) decide whether to terminate (which we decided we wouldn't feel comfortable doing at 20 weeks) or (2) help us prep emotionally and practically for a CF baby. The odds are low the baby will have CF and if s/he does, we'll cope with that when the time comes. So in the end it didn't seem worth it to us to do the testing.

4. I came out as pregnant at work on Friday. Now that I'm in my 2nd trimester I'm starting to feel more confident that this pregnancy is going to work. And I'm starting to show so I can't really hide it much longer. So I told my area head who was very supportive (you never know -- getting pregnant before tenure is still considered a no-no by many even in my field. But he seemed very happy for me) and my grad students who were also very supportive. It'll be nice to not feel like I'm hiding something any more at work. And to not worry about whether my bump is showing anymore. Less worrying = good.

In other news:
I'll have an echo ~ 20 weeks because ICSI babies have higher risk of heart defects so they want to test for that early. Around that time should also be when we find out the baby's gender. Can't wait!!!