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Monday, October 10, 2011

Had OB appt (with newbie OB)

I had an appt with the newbie OB today who I'll continue to see until I find a new OB. The good news is that everything looks great! There results from my bloodwork and u/s suggest that the risk of c-somal abnormalities are very low (which isn't surprising given we did CCS but it's still great to hear). I got to hear baby B's heart beat which was also good.

Next appt will be in 4 weeks (just before GA 20w). At that time we'll do a comprehensive anatomy scan and hopefully learn the baby's gender. In the meantime, they'll be scheduling me for an echo so they can check out the baby's heart structure given ICSI babies tend to have more defects (this procedure recommended by CCRM).

It's definitely going to feel weird to go FOUR weeks without someone poking and prodding me and the baby. Last week was the first week since the FET that I haven't had blood drawn. Don't get me wrong -- it's nice giving my poor veins a break (and getting some time for my track marks to heal). But a bit surreal to think I won't have more regular reassurance that the baby's doing well. Newbie OB said that I'm welcome to come in before then if I want to hear the heartbeat but I think I'll try to stick it out and see how it feels to be a "normal" pregnant woman :)

Also it's not as though I don't have a lot to do re: the baby. I'm going to an "exceptional birthing" class tonight hosted by a doula to start to learn about my birthing options. I have lunch Thurs with a new friend who recently had a baby in town so I can get her advice on OBs etc. And if we find a new OB to try, DH and I may schedule a consultation appt to see if we like the new OB.


  1. Glad everything is continuing to go well Manni!

  2. That's reassuring! Thanks for your encouraging post. Baby steps, baby steps.

  3. Glad everything is going so great Manni! Enjoy every second of it!

  4. Sounds like things are moving along smoothly so that is nice. Why is it so hard finding a good OBGYN. I just don't get it.

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