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Monday, October 10, 2011

Reminders that not all docs are ccrm docs

Found out that the ob I want to transfer to won't see me because he "works side by side" with the ob I want to leave. By side by side he means that they are in the same call group. I explained that I have no problem w her but want a doc w more experience to oversee my care. He just won't do it. Ugh! I'm sad bc this ob was highly recommended to me by three friends who recently had babies. So now I'm stuck w the newbie ob until I can figure out who to try next. I'm so upset. After all we've been through I'd like an ob I can trust. And I have lost faith in his newbie ob. I'm pretty sure my baby is her first IVF baby. Her nurse can never figure out what week I'm in bc my due date isn't calculated from last AF. Seriously?! The last straw was not only did newbie make assumptions about my care but then after consulting w maternal and fetal medicine about in utero screening for CF, gave me the wrong info. Which I wouldntve have known if not for several meetings w genetic counselors.

So the search is on for a new ob... Wish me luck!


  1. oh no! that is so frustrating. We don't like any of the ob's around here, so we will go to Tupelo which is an hour drive and I don't even know who I am going to use. It is so tricky. Good luck! BTW, I had to explain to my mom about the due date calculation for FET and I don't think she really got it either, but you would think an OB nurse could for Chrissakes!

  2. That is super frustrating - you should be able to see who you want to see. Dealing with docs can be so frustrating sometimes - so many egos at times. Hope you find someone who you are more comfortable with.