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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

20 week check in

I've passed the halfway point in my pregnancy! So exciting!

A lot has happened in the past week:
1. Echo -- on Monday, Bambina Buckner had an echo to make sure her heart is developing normally. For mysterious reasons, ICSI babies have higher rates of heart defects. I'm happy to report that the cardiologist could find nothing wrong with our baby's heart! And I think he doesn't get many referrals where there's nothing wrong because he really kept looking and looking for something to be wrong (I think to make sure he wasn't just missing it). It seemed very thorough. And of course, great news!

2. Doula -- we have contracted with a doula. And I love her! DH and I met with her a couple of weeks ago and both feel very good about working with her. She'll be there for the delivery and will start helping us prep for it as we get closer to the due date. She also runs support groups for pregnant women/new moms that I attend each month so I get to see her there. She's so supportive of women and the birthing process and of women's choices (i.e., she doesn't seem dogmatic concerning one form of birth vs another -- rather she seems to primarily support women's right to choose our birth plan and to be an active participant in decisions regarding our care). From friends who've worked with her, we've also learned that she's there just as much for dad as for mom so will be there to support DH during the delivery as well -- both in terms of helping him help me as well as to support what DH will be going through during the delivery. I feel so good about having her on board.

3. We're changing our OB -- long story short, we had an interaction with the newbie OB that was the final straw. Not only do I not trust this OB (she made decisions about my care without checking with me, told me wrong info about how to test prenatally to see if our bambina has CF ) but her nurse and office staff do not provide the type of care to patients that I think we deserve (kept us waiting for over 1.5 hours for an OB appointment without info regarding how much longer the wait would be and wouldn't use that time for bloodwork etc, wouldn't let us reschedule, got VERY angry with me when I asked whether we could do some of this). So DH and I started looking into new OBs. And we were happily surprised to find out that the best birth center in the city is now in-network for me!!! So bye-bye newie OB with your rude office staff. We're off to see the best in town and be treated at a birth center which will be a much more pleasant experience for the delivery anyway.

I was so worried that I was going to be stuck with newbie OB (bc my insurance didn't really cover other practices and her practice has a policy of no changing OBs within the practice) and I really was not trusting her so was nervous about the quality of my prenatal care and scared for if anything goes wrong during the delivery.

So things are really working out and coming together.  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. It feels surreal But so exciting!!!


  1. Yay for a good check-up! That's great that you're able to switch OBs/practices. I'm sure it'll take a lot of stress off--having someone you can trust.

  2. Glad everything's going well Manni! And good for you for listening to your gut and changing OB's! Glad you're in better hands now.

  3. You are half way, that is very, very exciting! I glad you were able to switch OB's. I am sure you will be so much happier going to your new place.

  4. Fantastic news, all around! We just hired a doula this past weekend, and I feel like it was some kind of a huge milestone. Like now everything will just be brilliant from here on. I'm sure you feel even better, what with both the doula and the new, better OB! Congrats!

  5. Can't believe you are already to the half-way point! That's great that you have found a new doctor and you can deliver at a birthing center. What a relief you must feel. Yay for your baby's heart too!

  6. A great milestone! Your story gives me hope!