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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


So I woke up at 4:30AM this morning and can't get back to sleep. I went to sleep at 10PM last night bc I was EXHAUSTED. I think I may be fighting a cold. And I was exposed to pneumonia over the weekend so trying to rest my body so I don't get that. So why am I awake? I don't feel anxious. Is this a symptom of pregnancy (I don't usually have any kind of insomnia problems)? Must track down "What to Expect" - somewhere in the dark around here...

In fun news - I can feel the baby moving! I've been able to feel her move the past couple of days and this morning she is really going at it (although I can't imagine she's what's keeping me awake). As has been described to me, the movement feels like bubbles. Almost like gas bubbles but in the wrong place--they are in the front of my belly so don't feel quite like gas. It's pretty amazing. So, if I'm going to be awake at this ridiculous hour, it's kind of cute that the baby is keeping me company :)


  1. Insomnia is the worst! I rarely have it, but when I do...ugg!

  2. Hi Manni - sorry you woke up so early - I do think that it is a symptom of pregnancy, especially int he last trimester. It's like your body's way of preparing you for waking up every 3 hours with your baby which doesn't make sense, because you need all the sleep you can get before the baby comes! The baby book my sister bought me is called The Ultimate Organizer for Moms - Pregnancy Through Five Years. It seems very comprehensive. Lots of places to write in stuff and your child would really appreciate it when they are older. You can check it out on Amazon.

  3. I can't imagine. I have not been sleeping well just do to the lack of exercise so I can't imagine all of that plus a baby growing inside. Hope it gets better.