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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

26 weeks

It's been a while since I've posted a bump picture so I thought I'd post one taken during Christmas -- here I am at 26 weeks :)
Pregnancy continues to go well. Back pain is slowly getting better. I have a massage appointment tonight to undo the damage I did by riding in a car over 18 hours this weekend to see family for the holidays.

I noticed my first stretch marks today. On my thighs, which have gotten really big during my pregnancy. I'm not really all that worried about them -- I see them as a badge of honor at this point. The stretch marks that is. I'm not thrilled about the thunder thighs. But I hope they will decrease in size after the baby comes.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!


  1. Wow! Your bump looks wonderful! I bet your family was so excited to it! I hope the massage helps your back - that sounds nice.

  2. Awesome pic, thanks for sharing! I love you "badge of honor" quote! I will be using that if I see any stretch marks! So glad to see things are going well!

  3. Beautiful photo! I can't believe you're 26 weeks already. I'd get a massage also after that many hours in a car.