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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Colds and midwives

Thought I'd give an update since it's been a few weeks. I'll start with the less than great news -- I've had 3 colds in two weeks! I'm chalking it up to the fact that I've also traveled a lot in November and exposed myself to all those airplane germs. The cold I have now is just post nasal drip but wow is it kicking my ass. The drip irritates my throat which makes me cough. But it's an unproductive cough that just tears up my throat. Yesterday I coughed so hard I got a nose bleed. Then later I coughed so hard I made myself throw up. Yeah. It hasn't been fun.

Now the good news:
I scheduled an appointment with the hospital that has a birthing center! No more newbie OB and her rude staff! In fact, we're not even planning on seeing an OB anymore. I've scheduled my appt with a midwife at the hospital. It'll be the best of both worlds -- my treatment and birth will occur at a hospital (in case anything goes wrong) but my care will be handled by a midwife, someone trained in and specializing in natural/vaginal delivery. During the delivery there will be an OB on call in case medical intervention is necessary. And the birth rooms are adorable -- there's even a tub built in the room (not those plastic portable tubs at the other hospital) which just signaled their commitment to allowing women to labor naturally and provide women options so they can strive to have the birth experience they want. DH and I are very excited about this change!


  1. Sounds like a great plan Manni!

  2. That sounds like a great birthing experience! I'm glad you found someplace you like. I hope you feel better soon. That cold sounds awful.

  3. I'm Sooo jealous! I wish there was a birthing center around here. I would love to have a water birth! Sorry about your cold x 3! Are you around alot of students? I hope that you get some rest and start breathing easier!

  4. Yikes. I'd caution against not seeing an OB again at all...the room might be "adorable," but please make sure your care is top notch. Glad you'll be in a hospital at least.

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  6. Anonymous~ I don't believe just because someone has an MD after their name that they provide "top notch" care. In my experience, most MD's are not out to provide top notch care but to provide care to as many patients as they can fit in a day to make as much money as possible. They seem to care more about quantity than quality. That's why I'm entrusting a midwife with my delivery. I want to work with a specialist who cares about patients and successful births, not about $$. OBs aren't the only people trained to catch babies. They are trained in surgery and thus there will be one on call should I need surgery. But there is no need at this point in my pregnancy to think I will need medical intervention. Thus, a midwife is completely competent to provide the care I need prenatally as well as overseeing my delivery.