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Friday, March 23, 2012

Hospital run (all is OK)

DH and I made a run to the hospital today. I woke up with a lot of spotting including some clots and cramping. I've had spotting ever since my appt Tuesday. During that appt, the midwife tore open a piece of connective tissue that she found in/around my cervical opening that she said could be holding my cervix closed. She warned me there'd be some spotting as a result and there was but it got better. Until this morning. This morning there was a scary lot of spotting. Plus the scary clots. We called the office and they suggested we got to Labor and Delivery just in case.

Turned out it was fine. The cramping is probably Braxton Hicks. Which is good to know. I was wondering why I wasn't having any BH contractions yet. Turns out I probably am but they feel more like cramping to me than what I imagine contractions must be like (starting at the top, etc). The cramping is probably pushing the rest of the old blood from this connective tissue tearing out. They did a non-stress test (monitored baby's heartbeat and movement while I was seated) and baby still looks great.

The silver lining in this stressor is that well of course the baby and I are fine. But also that this was a dry run for DH and I. We got everything packed up just in case they kept me in the hospital. So now we've done that and will be ready for when it really is time to go to Labor and Delivery (hopefully next week).

And since it's been a while, here's a belly bump pic we took last night (39 weeks):

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

38 week update

We're now at ~ 38.5 weeks. And baby and I are both doing really well. And she continues to grow. And grow. And grow. She's now at 9 lbs. With no sign of being born any time soon. Given my "advanced maternal age', the midwife said they won't let me go past 40 weeks. It's up to us if we choose to induce/section earlier than that. My body wasn't ready to induce today (e.g., no dilation). So we're going to continue to keep an eye on how she's doing. Potentially wait until I go into labor then section. Or induce if my body's up for that next week's appt. After 2 years of IF treatment, I'm not opposed to medical intervention despite planning on a natural birth originally. DH and my biggest concern is that we have a healthy baby. And given her size, she's now starting to increase her chances of birth-related complications. So we'd rather induce and have her while she's "smaller" or section. We've come too far to risk injury just to be able to say we had a vaginal birth. So we'll continue to monitor her and make our decisions as we continue to gain more info on how she's doing.

Here's the latest u/s pic -- the little yogi has her foot up under her chin:

Monday, March 5, 2012

GBS Negative!

Things continue to go well. Which is totally awesome and totally surreal. I find I continue to brace myself for bad news (a by-product of surviving IF treatment I assume since I'm not usually a pessimist or a worrier). So am super happy when things go well. Today's good news -- I'm GBS negative which means one less thing to worry about during labor.

Friday, March 2, 2012

36 week check in

The baby continues to do well (e.g., heart rate, movement all good)! As do I (e.g., fluid levels look good).

During this u/s, the tech pointed out the baby's hair. That's right. Hair. Who knew my baby'd already have hair. According to the u/s tech, it looks like she has a full head of blonde or white hair. Must get the hairiness from her daddy. Or her Godfather (the older of my two younger brothers).

And she continues to grow--her weight is now estimated to be ~ 7.5 lbs (up from ~ 6.5 lbs 2 weeks ago). Her head is correct size for 36 weeks but her torso and limbs are big. Big babies run in my and DH's families so this baby has no choice but to be huge. But it means that we may be looking at induction and/or c-section if she continues to grow at this rate. Even the midwife I met with yesterday thought we might have to induce.

So, our plan is to be flexible -- try not to get our heart set on any one birth method and go with whatever is recommended to be the safest for me and the baby. Try to remember that although we'd love a good birth experience, the most important thing is to get the baby out safely.  So we'll continue to monitor. I have weekly u/s's at this point and will start weekly appts with the midwife next week. This monitoring is typical for an over 35 pregnancy. And it will give us a good sense of whether medical intervention may be necessary.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The nursery

The nursery is nearly done. We'd still like to hang more pictures on the walls, but I thought I'd go ahead and share what we've got so far.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Perks of pregnancy ending

So I've been starting to get a little sad that my pregnancy may be coming to a close in 2-4 weeks. I mean, don't get me wrong -- I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to meet our baby girl. And be a mommy. And spend time with her, care for her, feed her, etc. That is all a given. But I'm one of those women who has really loved being pregnant. Despite the aches and pains and sickness and ribs popping out and tiredness etc. It's just been amazing to grow a little person inside my body. And to feel her moving around. And to talk to her and sing to her and bond with her. It's such an incredible process.

but today it hit me. There will be some perks to not being pregnant anymore:
1. I'll get to eat sushi again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap I forgot about sushi. It's going to be awesome.
2. I'll get to eat sushi again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because seriously I love sushi
3. I'll get to have caffeine and tiny drinks of alcohol without feeling guilty (not that I drink alc now bc I don't. but I do have the occasional caffeinated beverage and feel irrationally guilty).
4. I'll be able to eat tomatoes again (the currently give me reflux).
5. No more reflux (I've started waking in the night after spitting up. Gross).
6. When I have the time/energy while caring for a newborn -- I can exercise again. I had to give it up ~ 1/2 through 2nd trimester bc of reflux and depleted lung capacity. And I miss it.

Any others?

Hopefully I still have another few weeks to enjoy my pregnancy. And then I get to meet my baby girl! After so many years of battling IF, it's just amazing to me that I have so many amazing, happy, wonderful things to look forward to.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Let the beat, I mean baby, drop

The baby dropped this weekend. I had lots of pelvic pain--sometimes when sitting still (which I did a lot of this weekend) and definitely when I walked. Walking resulted in shooting pains. Shooting pains + pregnancy = scary. So I took it easy this weekend and I went to the midwife this AM to make sure that my baby's not on track to be a premie. Everything looks OK. The baby did drop and my cervix is thinning in prep for the baby to come. And my hip joints are achy bc the hormones are relaxing them to make room for the delivery. But no dilation so she's not planning on coming any time soon. Midwife estimates 2-3 weeks which would put me at 36.5-38 weeks. Which would be fine with me, esp since this is a bigger baby. DH and I are getting so excited to meet her!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

33.5 week ultrasound

We had our first u/s since the 20 week scan/gender u/s. The baby is looking good. The one glitch -- she's big. She weighed in at 6lbs 6 0z (normal at this point is ~ 4.5 lbs). She's measuring long in the limbs so it's not that she's fat (I was worried I've been eating too much King Cake!) but that she's probably going to be big. So we'll continue to monitor her measurements and decide what to do as we get more info. I was 9.5 lbs and my brothers were ~ 11.5 lbs when born, so I was prepared to hear I was having a big baby. I'm just so happy she' healthy. And she's head down, which is also good news at this point. Here's her u/s pic from this AM:

Monday, February 6, 2012

32 week update

By request, here's an update. The good news is not much has happened (which is why I haven't posted -- we've been pretty boring!). The baby and I continue to do well. We're seeing the midwife every 2 weeks now. Most recent appt was last Tuesday. All looking good. Baby kicks regularly, esp in the evening after dinner. She also puts on a show intermittently, less predictably during the day. Her heart rate is good (was ~ 165 on Tuesday) and seems to be growing at an appropriate rate. She's currently head down and will (fingers crossed) most likely stay that way at this point. It's pretty wonderful to be having such a normal pregnancy!

Here's a pic of the bump at 32 weeks:

We also had our shower this weekend. It was a lot of fun! My mom, brother, and SIL came to town to help us celebrate with our local friends. Here's a pic I love of my brother feeling the baby kick:

Next ultrasound will be at my next appt Tuesday after next. I haven't seen the baby since the 20 week u/s so looking forward to that one. I'll be sure to post pics.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Passed my glucose tolerance test!!!

I just got word -- I passed my glucose tolerance test (aka the 3 hour gestational diabetes test)!!! So I do NOT have gestational diabetes.

I was a bit worried. I didn't react well to the test at all. I had read the test makes some women nauseous. I didn't realize that could mean nauseous all day. I was nauseous all day yesterday and even woke up last night thinking I was going to be sick and was up from 3:30-6:30 battling nausea. It has not been a fun 24 hours. But in the end, good news! No diabetes! I'll have to get myself a king cake today to celebrate :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Failed" my gestational diabetes screening test

I took my gestational diabetes screening test last week. I scored 137. I have mixed feelings about this because some clinics use 140 as the cut off (i.e., scores under 140 considered normal) whereas other, more conservative clinics use 130. So, maybe this is delusional, but I'm feeling pretty optimistic that I don't have GD. And therefore annoyed to have to do the 3 hour GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test). I've had so many freaking tests and doctor appointments over the past two years that I think this GTT test is the straw breaking this camel's back. I'm annoyed I have to drink that crappy sugar syrup again. Annoyed I have to fast while pregnant. Annoyed I have to take off an entire morning of work to have the dumb test done. Annoyed I'll have to wait for the results bc I hate not knowing what's going on etc.

I know I know poor me right? So then I get annoyed that I'm annoyed and do some cognitive restructuring. I do have some risk factors (over 35, family history of type II diabetes, was slightly (barely) overweight when I got preggers due to weight gain from IVF) so I know it's better safe than sorry to test to make sure the baby is healthy. So I'll do it. For the baby. The test is first thing Monday morning and I hope to get the results back by Wednesday (why it takes a couple days to get the test results back when diabetics all over the world can instantly get their results when they do finger pricks is another item to add to the Annoyed column). Wish me luck!!!

In much happier news, the baby is really moving these days. So much so DH and I can see her move.
We spent some time Friday night watching her kick my belly. It was very cool!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!! (27w4d)

Happy New Year! I took the opportunity to attend some costume parties, giving me an excuse to paint my beautiful bump:

DH and I realized we've been bad about documenting the growth of the bump. So we took a proper bump picture tonight. Here's the bump at 27 weeks 4 days: