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Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Failed" my gestational diabetes screening test

I took my gestational diabetes screening test last week. I scored 137. I have mixed feelings about this because some clinics use 140 as the cut off (i.e., scores under 140 considered normal) whereas other, more conservative clinics use 130. So, maybe this is delusional, but I'm feeling pretty optimistic that I don't have GD. And therefore annoyed to have to do the 3 hour GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test). I've had so many freaking tests and doctor appointments over the past two years that I think this GTT test is the straw breaking this camel's back. I'm annoyed I have to drink that crappy sugar syrup again. Annoyed I have to fast while pregnant. Annoyed I have to take off an entire morning of work to have the dumb test done. Annoyed I'll have to wait for the results bc I hate not knowing what's going on etc.

I know I know poor me right? So then I get annoyed that I'm annoyed and do some cognitive restructuring. I do have some risk factors (over 35, family history of type II diabetes, was slightly (barely) overweight when I got preggers due to weight gain from IVF) so I know it's better safe than sorry to test to make sure the baby is healthy. So I'll do it. For the baby. The test is first thing Monday morning and I hope to get the results back by Wednesday (why it takes a couple days to get the test results back when diabetics all over the world can instantly get their results when they do finger pricks is another item to add to the Annoyed column). Wish me luck!!!

In much happier news, the baby is really moving these days. So much so DH and I can see her move.
We spent some time Friday night watching her kick my belly. It was very cool!


  1. Hey Manni - hope you pass your 3 hr GTT with flying colors! Ugh - I'm not looking foward to that. That's so great you can actually see your baby moving in your belly!

  2. Hope you pass the GTT test, sorry one more thing to go through! Hang in there! Remember how lucky you are to be where you are :-) That's awesome you guys can already see the baby kicking, so cute!!

  3. Good luck Manni! Hope you pass the GTT! Glad everything is going well with the baby!

  4. Also hope you pass the GTT! Great to hear that everything is still going well.

  5. Hope all goes well or has gone well today with your GTT test. Hope all goes well. Your numbers don't seem horrible so good luck!

  6. It's not a good news dear but taking balance diet with lots of exercise may prevent you from the further damage.

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