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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Let the beat, I mean baby, drop

The baby dropped this weekend. I had lots of pelvic pain--sometimes when sitting still (which I did a lot of this weekend) and definitely when I walked. Walking resulted in shooting pains. Shooting pains + pregnancy = scary. So I took it easy this weekend and I went to the midwife this AM to make sure that my baby's not on track to be a premie. Everything looks OK. The baby did drop and my cervix is thinning in prep for the baby to come. And my hip joints are achy bc the hormones are relaxing them to make room for the delivery. But no dilation so she's not planning on coming any time soon. Midwife estimates 2-3 weeks which would put me at 36.5-38 weeks. Which would be fine with me, esp since this is a bigger baby. DH and I are getting so excited to meet her!


  1. Wow! So close Manni - hard to believe she will be here so soon!

  2. That's so exciting! I hope the pain subsides or you are in for an extremely uncomfortable few weeks, so it seems.

  3. That's great Manni! Sounds like your body is getting prepared for a good labor and delivery. Doesn't sound like you'll have to be induced! Do you have everything ready for her arrival?

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