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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Perks of pregnancy ending

So I've been starting to get a little sad that my pregnancy may be coming to a close in 2-4 weeks. I mean, don't get me wrong -- I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to meet our baby girl. And be a mommy. And spend time with her, care for her, feed her, etc. That is all a given. But I'm one of those women who has really loved being pregnant. Despite the aches and pains and sickness and ribs popping out and tiredness etc. It's just been amazing to grow a little person inside my body. And to feel her moving around. And to talk to her and sing to her and bond with her. It's such an incredible process.

but today it hit me. There will be some perks to not being pregnant anymore:
1. I'll get to eat sushi again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap I forgot about sushi. It's going to be awesome.
2. I'll get to eat sushi again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because seriously I love sushi
3. I'll get to have caffeine and tiny drinks of alcohol without feeling guilty (not that I drink alc now bc I don't. but I do have the occasional caffeinated beverage and feel irrationally guilty).
4. I'll be able to eat tomatoes again (the currently give me reflux).
5. No more reflux (I've started waking in the night after spitting up. Gross).
6. When I have the time/energy while caring for a newborn -- I can exercise again. I had to give it up ~ 1/2 through 2nd trimester bc of reflux and depleted lung capacity. And I miss it.

Any others?

Hopefully I still have another few weeks to enjoy my pregnancy. And then I get to meet my baby girl! After so many years of battling IF, it's just amazing to me that I have so many amazing, happy, wonderful things to look forward to.


  1. So exciting - I can't believe she'll be here soon!

  2. It's great you are getting so close! I'm looking forward to the craft beers.

  3. Times really flies by! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed your pregnancy, I believe it is such a wonderful time for a woman, so glad you did not take it for granted :)

  4. Don't worry, dear… I know you'll do well after those few weeks. What would you name her? You must say goodbye to being pregnant and welcome your motherhood now. Good thing you loved carrying her in your womb… You must be proud of yourself 'coz you're doing well. :) You're getting excited, aren't you? Good luck!

  5. I'm enjoying pregnancy too - I am just in love with the little life in my belly and think it's so cool to see it get bigger every week. It's just amazing that our bodies can do this. As weird as this may sound, I am really looking forward to breastfeeding. Such a beautiful way to bond with your baby :) enjoy the last weeks of pregnancy.

  6. I remember craving some caffeine in the very tired weeks following birth.. and STILL felt guilty because I was all worried it would be passed into my breastmilk and then the baby wouldn't nap, etc etc... it never ends ;-)