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Thursday, October 31, 2013


Had my regroup with Dr. S last Thursday. He was surprised my transfer didn't work, given that my lining looked good, the embie thawed with 100% cell survival rate and was beginning to divide again, etc. But he said that although they have a 65% success rate, that means 35% of the time it doesn't work, for reasons they don't usually know. He said could have been a "nick" in a chromosome that was so tiny they didn't see it. Could have been something wrong with the communication between my uterus and the embie. We'll never know.

So we have two embies left. One that was rated AA (perfect) but was CCS "no result" and one rated BB (very good) and is CCS and PGD normal. We can re-test AA to see if it's CCS normal (and if so transfer it) or go with BB. DH and I discussed and we're going to retest AA. The reasons for this are:
1. We'll know what we have to work with. If we just transfer BB and it doesn't work, then we won't know if we even have a viable AA to work with. If we test, we'll know how many embies we have left and thus how many more tries.
2. If something goes wrong during the thaw it'd be nice to have a back up. So if AA is CCS normal but something happens in the thaw, we have BB as a back up.

They can do overnight re-testing so they don't have to refreeze. But their data are suggesting that they have better success when they do refreeze (he's not sure why but that's what the data suggest). So we're going to test over the next month or two, refreeze, then prep for our FET knowing whether AA is CCS normal.

We're now waiting to hear from my nurse to figure out the timing, protocol etc. We'd like to do the transfer when my next cycle starts (Dr. S recommended we take a cycle off and I agree. After building up all that lining, I want my body to shed it and detox a bit before jumping right back into more hormone treatments). But with holidays coming up (CCRM is closed the last 2 weeks of Dec), we're not sure the timing will work.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Got the result from the pregnancy test (blood test) today.  BFN! I'm sad but not surprised given everything that went wrong leading up to this cycle plus my being sick as shit (seriously. Vomiting, diarrhea, it was not pretty) all week (today is my first day back to work since Monday morning). Of course I'm pissed that I'm going to have to go through infertility treatment and another transfer again. And sad about the now very real possibility that we won't have another kid. The pluses are that we have another embryo that we can try and that we have one super amazing kid who will be a kick ass only child if that's the way this all turns out.

We will talk with Dr. S soon (it was a nurse who gave me the news) and then weigh our options in terms of timing for the next try (e.g., wait until after the holidays, do it over the holidays so DH doesn't have to take time off work again, etc) and I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Prep for FET #2

By request, I thought I'd post some info here about prepping for FET #2.
I was able to breastfeed (BF) and wanted to BF the entire first year. I also wanted to do FET #2 summer 2013 so that #2 (if it works) would be due in April or May so I could have the entire summer with him/her. However, the body has to detox BF hormones before the FET ODWU at CCRM. I forget the details but I think I needed to have 1 or 2 non-BF cycles prior to my May FET. So I BF'ed until beginning of March. My cycles were pretty regular by then as DD had been sleeping through the night since she was 6 weeks (thanks to Babywise) and she had started self-weaning and was only BF'ing 1-2 times per day by month 12 of BF.

As for the FET ODWU -- Here's what my appointment included:
1. regroup with Dr. S
2. hysteroscopy
3. ultrasound (cycle day 5-13 just like original ODWU -- so no caffeine prior to ODWU)--this was mainly to check my uterine blood flow and to make sure no cysts etc, although they did a follie count (which I thought weird since I wasn't doing a complete IVF but good to know I've still got some just in case)
4. blood work (commicables, Vit D, Progesterone, TSH, I'm sure there were others but I can't remember)
5. Meeting with someone from the Lab to review paperwork re: my embies
6. Meeting with Nurse to review testing, calendar, and consents.

At home I had to get an annual exam/Pap (one has to be done within 12 months of FET so I had to get one even though I'm on an every other year PAP cycle these days). I didn't have to get another mammogram, though.

My DH didn't come with me since he didn't have to give a sample or anything (bc we weren't creating new embies). He did, however, have to get bloodwork done locally and ship it up to Co -- to test communicables.

It was/felt like a shorter appt than the original ODWU.

Friday, October 18, 2013

FET #2

First the exciting new: The transfer went off without a hitch! Here’s a pic of our little bean:

Dr. S did the transfer which was wonderful. So good to see him again! And this was DH’s first time to get to thank him for #1. Dr. S said that the thaw went well – 100% of cells survived the thaw and had already started dividing. Grow little bean, grow!

I did acupuncture before and after the transfer just like last time. Like last time, I did the pre-FET acu alone (DH waited in the waiting room) as I thought that might be more relaxing/less boring for him. Plus it’s what we did last time and I wanted to do whatever we did last time because it worked last time! They gave me the valium before the acu (again like last time) so I was good and relaxed for the transfer. Although I didn’t feel as out of it this time due to valium. Maybe my body responds differently to it now that I’ve had a baby?

The 1.5 days of bedrest went well. We stayed at the Candlewood Suites. We stayed there for egg retrieval and liked it (clean, quiet, full kitchen, super close to CCRM, target, lots of restaurants). When we pulled up, I was flooded with memories of being here in April 2011 with DH, my brother, and SIL and all the fun, CO adventures we took for ER.

We stayed in a king suite this time. The room was smaller than the 2 queen suite. And only enough plates/silverware for 2. So we had to do more dishes than I remember doing in the queen suite. Unfortunately, the internet wasn’t high-speed enough to watch Netflix/Amazon Prime during the evenings. Luckily, the hotel had DVD’s we could borrow for free so between that service and HBO, we found things to entertain us in the evenings and watched streaming Netflix/Prime during the day by hooking up our kindle or laptop to the TV. Like last time, it was tough to read, so I didn’t. DH and I just snuggled in bed watching TV and relaxing.

We left on Friday (FET was Wed). My first time out of the hotel since Wed. And it was snowing! It was beautiful.
Wed and Thurs were also beautiful – Fall beautiful with the changing leaves. I didn’t get a pic because of bedrest.

Dr. S suggested we take a wheelchair in the airport. We didn’t remember that from our last FET (maybe a new policy) but it was nice to continue to take it easy, zip through security lines, etc. 

On a fun note – if this transfer works, my little bean’s due date will be the Fourth of July. And in the Denver airport, I spoke to John McCain! We went through security at the same time and exchanged “Hi! How are you doing’s”. Very cool! I’ve never spoken to a  Senator before, let alone a presidential candidate! I’m taking it as a good sign that this little bean is going to take and have a patriotic due date :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

FET #2: The IF Treatment Journey Ain't Ever Easy, Hunh?

I totally dropped off the face of the blog-osphere after my baby was born. I think it was because I was so happy to no longer be dealing with IF that I left IF world, entered mommy world, and didn't look back. It's been amazing! So much so, that we're now doing a second FET to see if we can get a sib for our precious baby.
So I thought I'd document FET #2 here in case it would be useful to others to read what we're going through. Although FET #2 is scheduled for this Wed (10/16), it's been a long time coming.
Here's the catch-up, in a nut shell:
March 2013: stopped BF to detox BF hormones from my body to prep for my CCRM FET work up
May 7, 2013: FET work-up at CCRM. So surreal to be back at CCRm. DH and DD didn't come with me so I handled this one alone. It was great to see Dr. S and get to thank him in person for helping us with #1. I totally cried with gratitude. FET went well. In the words of Dr. S "the plumbing looks good after having a tenant in the condo"
June 2013: started our first treatment cycle. Cancelled because I started getting migraines with aura (mainly auras but the occasional headache). I've never had auras before and I was getting them almost daily, sometimes 2 a day. At the time we thought they were caused by the birth control I they prescribed as they were ones I'd never been on. I took the BCPs then the lupron. Cancelled cycle during lupron treatment.
8/6/13: started second treatment cycle. this time without BCPs (i.e., went straight to lupron). Got auras. Cancelled cycle. Was told that if I got auras/migraines without any meds to have a neurologist check me out as it's a weird reaction to have to lupron.
September 2013: got auras/migraines when not on meds. Met with neurologist who also said it's weird to start getting migraines at 38 years of age. Had an MRI to rule out brain tumor/seizures. It's not a tumor. I have "unidentified bright objects" or UBO's (what X-Files fan came up with that name??) on my brain which are consistent with migraine. The neurologist cleared me for IF treamtent.
9/28/13: attempt number 3. No BCPs. No lupron. Just straight to Vivelle (estrogen) patches. I thought for sure it wouldn't work. That my body would f it up and I'd ovulate through or something (because oh yea I ovulated through cycle #2 without the BCPs). But so far so good!
10/2/13 estradiol check. Level low (42 and they like it to be above 50), so they prescribed estrace 1x per day orally.
10/10/13 lining and E2 check. Lining looked good (9mm and they want it above 8). E2 still low (133 and they want it over 300). P4 also low. So they added another estrace and progestrone in oil, an intramuscular shot.
10/16/13 date FET #2 is scheduled

Symptoms on the meds haven't been terrible this time. Maybe because I'm on Endometin instead of Prometrium? No nausea. I did have really bad hip pain early in the Vivelle treatment but it's mostly faded. Starting to get some bloat towards the end of the day (the bobby-do is back!) where I do look like I'm pregnant. But it's OK because in the evenings I'm usually with friends or DH all of whom know we're doing this.

Here're the meds I'm on now:
Vivelle (ERT; 4 patches) -- changed every other day
Estrace (pill - 2 mcg) -- orally (vs vaginally which is what I did last time) 2x per day
Endometrin (100mg) -- inserted vaginally 3x per day
Vitamin D supplement -- 2000 IUIs so I take one in the AM and one at night to not stress my liver
Prenatal vitamins -- one per night
Baby aspirin -- one per night
Medrol -- 16 mg each night for 4 nights
Doxycycline -- 100 mg 2x per day for 4 days
Progestrone in Oil -- shot in the butt muscle every other night

We fly out tomorrow. Flying Southwest because they have non-stop flights plus we can check my bag for free on the way home. Staying at the Candlewood Suites again. It's close to CCRM and it's a known quantity. We stayed there for ER. It's basic, simple, but has a kitchen so we can cook some meals to save money and calories. DD is not coming with us. No way I can be on best rest with an 18 month old. She's staying with wonderful supportive friends.