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Friday, October 18, 2013

FET #2

First the exciting new: The transfer went off without a hitch! Here’s a pic of our little bean:

Dr. S did the transfer which was wonderful. So good to see him again! And this was DH’s first time to get to thank him for #1. Dr. S said that the thaw went well – 100% of cells survived the thaw and had already started dividing. Grow little bean, grow!

I did acupuncture before and after the transfer just like last time. Like last time, I did the pre-FET acu alone (DH waited in the waiting room) as I thought that might be more relaxing/less boring for him. Plus it’s what we did last time and I wanted to do whatever we did last time because it worked last time! They gave me the valium before the acu (again like last time) so I was good and relaxed for the transfer. Although I didn’t feel as out of it this time due to valium. Maybe my body responds differently to it now that I’ve had a baby?

The 1.5 days of bedrest went well. We stayed at the Candlewood Suites. We stayed there for egg retrieval and liked it (clean, quiet, full kitchen, super close to CCRM, target, lots of restaurants). When we pulled up, I was flooded with memories of being here in April 2011 with DH, my brother, and SIL and all the fun, CO adventures we took for ER.

We stayed in a king suite this time. The room was smaller than the 2 queen suite. And only enough plates/silverware for 2. So we had to do more dishes than I remember doing in the queen suite. Unfortunately, the internet wasn’t high-speed enough to watch Netflix/Amazon Prime during the evenings. Luckily, the hotel had DVD’s we could borrow for free so between that service and HBO, we found things to entertain us in the evenings and watched streaming Netflix/Prime during the day by hooking up our kindle or laptop to the TV. Like last time, it was tough to read, so I didn’t. DH and I just snuggled in bed watching TV and relaxing.

We left on Friday (FET was Wed). My first time out of the hotel since Wed. And it was snowing! It was beautiful.
Wed and Thurs were also beautiful – Fall beautiful with the changing leaves. I didn’t get a pic because of bedrest.

Dr. S suggested we take a wheelchair in the airport. We didn’t remember that from our last FET (maybe a new policy) but it was nice to continue to take it easy, zip through security lines, etc. 

On a fun note – if this transfer works, my little bean’s due date will be the Fourth of July. And in the Denver airport, I spoke to John McCain! We went through security at the same time and exchanged “Hi! How are you doing’s”. Very cool! I’ve never spoken to a  Senator before, let alone a presidential candidate! I’m taking it as a good sign that this little bean is going to take and have a patriotic due date :)


  1. So happy to hear everything went so smoothly! Sounds like it was relaxing for the most part. Praying that the little bean snuggles for the long haul!

  2. Glad to hear thing went well! My name is Heather and I just have a quick question about your blog! Please email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)