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Thursday, October 31, 2013


Had my regroup with Dr. S last Thursday. He was surprised my transfer didn't work, given that my lining looked good, the embie thawed with 100% cell survival rate and was beginning to divide again, etc. But he said that although they have a 65% success rate, that means 35% of the time it doesn't work, for reasons they don't usually know. He said could have been a "nick" in a chromosome that was so tiny they didn't see it. Could have been something wrong with the communication between my uterus and the embie. We'll never know.

So we have two embies left. One that was rated AA (perfect) but was CCS "no result" and one rated BB (very good) and is CCS and PGD normal. We can re-test AA to see if it's CCS normal (and if so transfer it) or go with BB. DH and I discussed and we're going to retest AA. The reasons for this are:
1. We'll know what we have to work with. If we just transfer BB and it doesn't work, then we won't know if we even have a viable AA to work with. If we test, we'll know how many embies we have left and thus how many more tries.
2. If something goes wrong during the thaw it'd be nice to have a back up. So if AA is CCS normal but something happens in the thaw, we have BB as a back up.

They can do overnight re-testing so they don't have to refreeze. But their data are suggesting that they have better success when they do refreeze (he's not sure why but that's what the data suggest). So we're going to test over the next month or two, refreeze, then prep for our FET knowing whether AA is CCS normal.

We're now waiting to hear from my nurse to figure out the timing, protocol etc. We'd like to do the transfer when my next cycle starts (Dr. S recommended we take a cycle off and I agree. After building up all that lining, I want my body to shed it and detox a bit before jumping right back into more hormone treatments). But with holidays coming up (CCRM is closed the last 2 weeks of Dec), we're not sure the timing will work.

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  1. Sounds like you have a plan - I'll keep my fingers double crossed that the AA is normal. Technology is so amazing. I hope the weeks go by quickly!