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Monday, January 6, 2014


Everything went well with today's FET. 100% of the embryo's cells survived the thaw and the cells had started the replicate. We got to see the embryo before it was transferred and again once it was in my uterus. Very cool. Dr. Surrey did the transfer and it was great to see him again. We did acupuncture before and after the transfer, as we did with FETs 1-2. In fact, everything was the same (valium, bedpan after transfer, wheelchaired out).

Here's a picture of our embryo:

Now I'm on bedrest rest of today and tomorrow, then home Wed. So all we can do at this point is rest and cheer on our little embie. Go little bean! Burrow in there!

As for the rest of the trip:
We're staying at the Candlewood Suites (see previous description of this hotel [including pix] from our ER trip here). We got a 2 Queen beds room this time. It doesn't seem bigger than the King we had last time but it's nice to have the extra bed so we can have 1 for my bed rest days for eating in etc and one for sleep. We got this place for $59 per night which was a steal (other comparable hotels were at least $100 per night). It's still clean and quiet and the front desk staff very friendly and helpful. We brought DVD's this time given the problems we had with streaming Netflix last time. We've been watching a mix of Netflix and DVD's.

Also, for those traveling out here, we totally recommend Thai Orchard. It's right across from the Target on Lincoln. The food is yummy!! (we love the calamari appetizer--it's unlike any calamari we've ever had! and the satay beef). And the prices are very good (less than $10 each for dinner entree). And you can order take out.

As with FET #2, we didn't bring our DD with us. She's staying at our house with a dear friend.  At 22 months, it'd be way too hard for her to understand why I'm in bed all day and not picking her up, etc. I miss her terribly but we get to facetime and I know she's having a blast with our friend.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

FET #3 is a go!

Just got off the phone with a nurse from CCRM. FET #3 is a go! Here are my instructions:

Insert progestrone and estrace vaginally between 7-8AM
8:45AM arrive at CCRM. Check in at the main desk for blood draw.
Then upstairs for Acupuncture.
10:30AM FET (so have a partially full bladder by 10:30--bring water bottle)
After FET, more acupuncture. Lay flat on the table for ~ 1 hour after FET.
Bed rest rest of Monday and all day Tuesday. Fly home Wednesday.

Now that it's really happening, I'm getting kind of excited. I'm also excited that my body is starting to respond in a manner similar to FET #1 (my daughter's FET). I'm getting pretty bloated and have had some weight gain. I had nausea one day but luckily only in the morning and only that 1 day (day 2 of progesterone). So hopefully these symptoms mean by body is as ready to receive this embie as it was for FET #1 and the FET will work this time.

To keep up to date on stats:
I had a blood draw Thursday for P4. I forget the exact number but it was 12.something. Anything over 3 is good. So this is good.

Also I forgot to post on here -- we re-tested our no-result CCS/CF negative embie -- it was CCS normal (rated AA)! So we actually have 2 good embies left. As with FET's 1-2, we're going to transfer one embie.

I was thinking earlier today that so much of my 2013 dealt with IF treatment -- stopping BF in March to prep for May ODWU. ODWU in May. Attempt #1 prep in June, then attempt #2 in August, then attempt #3 in Sept/Oct, then attempt #4 prep in Nov/Dec. Clearly 2013 was not my year to get pregnant. Let's hope 2014 is my year!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Attempt # 4

We are in the process of trying yet again for an FET. To catch y'all up--I'm doing a cycle with BCPs and Lupron. I got a clearance letter from my neurologist (I'm sorry. I mean my former neurologist as getting them to write the freakin' clearance letter look 3 weeks. I'm not exaggerating. 3 weeks. And then I had to camp out in their waiting room until they wrote the damn thing. jerks) stating that although I have migraines there's no reason I can't take BCPs. Which makes me very happy because I'd like this cycle to be as close to my successful FET as possible and that cycle had BCPs and Lupron. The failed FET was Lupron no BCPs. So let's hope this change in meds will make a difference.

Another difference is that I used Endometrin for the failed FET but I used Prometrium for my successful FET. So this time, we're doing Prometrium. Prometrium makes me more nauseous than the Endometrin, but if this change in meds works, it'll be worth it.

Here are the meds and stats so far with this cycle:
BCPs from CD3-CD15
Lupron (nightly injections) from 11/24 until 12/31 (10 units from 11/24-12/13, then 5 units). DH administered the shots because I prefer to dissociate during the shots and that's easier to do when someone administers them.
The good news is no progesterone in oil this time (I had to do it for the failed FET). Those shots suck based on looks alone -- those needles are scary huge!

12/27: first lining check:
Bad news. Only 6 mm and CCRM wants to see at least 8. So FET pushed back and estrace added to my meds protocol.
P4: 0.13 (anything under 1 is good. And means I didn't ovulate through my cycle! this is good news as I did that in the Fall)
E2: 185. Not good. They want it over 300. The estrace will help with this.
So now I'm on:
Estrace 2mg vaginally 2x per day
Vivellle patches (started 12/14 with 1 patch, up to 4 patches on 12/26)
Prometrium 200mg vaginally 3x per day
Medrol 16mg once each evening for 4 nights (Started 1/1)
Doxycycline 100mg at bedtime then 2x daily for 4 days (started 1/1)
Baby aspirin (started...I can't remember...I think CD1, 11/22)
Vitamin D (2000 IUI) because I have low Vit D.

12/31: Second lining check:
Results more promising.
Lining: 7.8mm (apparently close enough to 8 to move forward with a transfer)
P4: 0.15
E2: 1316 (which is well above 300)

The Plan:
We are now (finally!) set for a 1/6 transfer. We booked travel last night. I'll post on the side bar what the travel plans are.