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Saturday, January 4, 2014

FET #3 is a go!

Just got off the phone with a nurse from CCRM. FET #3 is a go! Here are my instructions:

Insert progestrone and estrace vaginally between 7-8AM
8:45AM arrive at CCRM. Check in at the main desk for blood draw.
Then upstairs for Acupuncture.
10:30AM FET (so have a partially full bladder by 10:30--bring water bottle)
After FET, more acupuncture. Lay flat on the table for ~ 1 hour after FET.
Bed rest rest of Monday and all day Tuesday. Fly home Wednesday.

Now that it's really happening, I'm getting kind of excited. I'm also excited that my body is starting to respond in a manner similar to FET #1 (my daughter's FET). I'm getting pretty bloated and have had some weight gain. I had nausea one day but luckily only in the morning and only that 1 day (day 2 of progesterone). So hopefully these symptoms mean by body is as ready to receive this embie as it was for FET #1 and the FET will work this time.

To keep up to date on stats:
I had a blood draw Thursday for P4. I forget the exact number but it was 12.something. Anything over 3 is good. So this is good.

Also I forgot to post on here -- we re-tested our no-result CCS/CF negative embie -- it was CCS normal (rated AA)! So we actually have 2 good embies left. As with FET's 1-2, we're going to transfer one embie.

I was thinking earlier today that so much of my 2013 dealt with IF treatment -- stopping BF in March to prep for May ODWU. ODWU in May. Attempt #1 prep in June, then attempt #2 in August, then attempt #3 in Sept/Oct, then attempt #4 prep in Nov/Dec. Clearly 2013 was not my year to get pregnant. Let's hope 2014 is my year!

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  1. Yay! So glad to hear that you got the green light! 2014 will be your year for sure! and glad you have 2 embies!