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Friday, May 30, 2014

OK to go!

Yesterday was an emotional rollercoaster. Had an u/s at 8AM, during which the tech tells me my lining is just under 6mm. Which I know means time to cancel the cycle as CCRM wants it around 8mm. The bummer about getting bad news while on a butt-load of E2 is that the news feels especially bad. So I was totally bummed most of the day yesterday. Totally distracted and unable to work. My sweet DH took me on a day date to help cheer me up and we did have fun seeing the new Seth Rogan movie (that man seriously makes me laugh at almost everything he says/does).

When I hadn't heard from CCRM by 2, I call them to do the usual dance. The dance goes like this:
Step 1: get a procedure done locally as early in the AM as possible so have time to complete dance before CCRM closes for the day.
Step 2: wait several hours
Step 3: call CCRM and leave voicemail (because 9 times out of 10, no one answers the IVF nurse line) asking if they've recieved the results
Step 4: wait for call-back
Step 5: receive call-back, which almost always informs me that no they have not received the results
Step 6: call local place and ask them to re-fax results. In this case (as per usual), it was calling the imaging center and the blood lab
Step 7: wait
Step 8: call CCRM and leave voicemail asking if they've received the results
Step 9: receive call-back

This time, the call-back consisted of surprisingly good news--we are OK to go! The official report stated that my lining was 7.5mm, not 6. Who knows why. Could be the tech looked at the wrong measurement. I know from the zillions of u/s's I've had that they take several measurements. I don't know if they use the thickest or a paticualr part of the uterus. Either way, my CCRM nurse double checked and yep, 7.5 is the official reading.

My E2 was also good: 1,591. Down from last week's, which I think is weird. But anything over 300 is considered good, so we're good.

So I booked travel. We're staying at the Hampton Inn again. This is where we stayed for my DD's FET. We are hoping the internet will be better than the Candlewood (where we stayed for the last 2 FETs) so we can stream Netflix/Amazon Prime during bedrest. We will also bring some DVDs just in case.

re: Meds:
-Lupron stops Saturday.
-Sunday I start Medrol, Doxy, and Prometrium (3x/day vaginally, which means laying down for 20-30 minutes after insertion).
-continue Vivelle patches (4 every other day) and estrace (2x/day vaginally), baby aspirin, Vit D, and prenatals

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Another bump in the road

There's good news and bad news. First some good news: the nausea was a stomach virus. So I feel much better now. Still bloat-a-licious. But no more neasuea.

More good news: On Fri my E2 was 1875 and my P4 was 0.0 (meaning I didn't ovulate through this cycle like I did cancelled FET cycle #2 last Fall).

The bad news: my lining's not responding. I had an u/s on Friday and I'm only at 7 mm. CCRM wants it at least 8. So, we're pushing back the transfer a week to give my body more time to respond to the meds. Next u/s will be Thursday. I found this all out via voicemail so I didn't get a chance to ask whether we're going to cancel the cycle altogether if I don't get to 8. And, really, at this point, I'm just taking it all one day at a time, so I decided to not call to ask. Because, really, knowing at this point that the cycle could get cancelled would just stress me out. This process has taken so long that another delay would just plain suck at this point. So fingers crossed no more delays. And here's to one day at a time.

So for now, nothing has changed. Still getting lupron shots every night, 4 Vivelle patches changed every other day, estrace vaginally 2x per day, baby aspirin, and prenatals/Vit D.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

My body's too bloat-a-lious

Today I got hit by the bloat. And with it the nausea. I started 2 Vivelle patches yesterday and I think that may have been enough to push my E2 levels into nausea zone.

I thought something was off this AM-walked a 5K this AM and afterwards felt much weaker than I usually do after walking that much. Then this afternoon, toke a family bike ride to a nearby park and was having a hard time breathing on the ride. The nausea hit when we got to the park. So nauseous DH had to bike him and get the car because I was worried I wouldn't make it home biking. Now, I know, I know. I'm not supposed to be exercising while prepping for an FET. But I figured my heart rate probably wasn't getting that much over 120 biking. Clearly I was wrong because I felt terrible while biking and still do, nearly 4 hours later.

The one weird/probably irrational silver lining in my feeling so bad is that I felt terrible during the prep for my DD's FET. So I'm hoping that me feeling terrible = my body prepping to really receive an embie this time.

My next blood work isn't until Friday and I'm totally curious to see:
(1) if my E2 is still off the charts
(2) if my lining is still looking good (I get an u/s Fri too)
(3) if I ovulated through the meds. I've done this. It was canceled FET #2, I believe.
(4) and if we're a go for our 5/30 transfer

In the meantime, it looks like I get to get re-acquainted with saltines and ginger ale.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Post-pregnancy FET #3 on it's way

So sorry for the silence. Our Jan FET didn't work and I needed a break from thinking about TTC. With the Jan transfer, we got a positive HPT and positive but faint blood test. However, it was negative by the 2nd blood test (just a couple days later given the low level on the first blood test). For our Oct 2013 transfer I also had a positive HPT but negative blood preg test. This all suggests that both embies implanted (thus releasing HCG which is the hormone detected in preg tests) but didn't survive very long. Dr. Surrey thinks this is because DH and I make crap embryos (my words not his--and this is of course excepting our amazing miracle-of-science DD!). But just to make sure, Dr. S had me get a uterine biopsy (which I did locally then shipped the sample to a lab in NC for testing) to test for the presence of a protein in my uterus. The lack of this protein can affect implantation. I have the protein. This, combined with the fact that I gave birth 2 years ago is more evidence that it's not my body, it's our embyos that are the problem.

So I took a 3 month break from TTC. I've been a baby factory for nearly 6 years now (2 years TTC, 1 year pregnant, 1 year breastfeeding, 1 year TTC #2) and although being pregnant and getting to breastfeed was AMAZING, I needed a freakin' break--time to just be a person, not a baby factory. To not think about what I ate or drank, to exercise or not, to lose weight or not and not have it all feel SO. IMPORTANT.  It was glorious!

Now we're back at it for our 3rd and final FET. It's tentatively scheduled for end of May. My protocol is slightly different. I did BCPs then lupron. I'm now on lupron, Vivelle patches, and estrace 2x per day.

Had my first u/s yesterday for lining check and everything looks good so far. Lining was already at 6mm. E2 was 1,090 and anything over 50 is good. They have been hyped up on E2 because in previous attempts, my E2 was low and my lining took a little longer than usual to thicken. So the hope is that all this E2 will help my lining and hopefully help implantation.

So, big fingers crossed for us as this is it. Our last attempt.