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Friday, May 30, 2014

OK to go!

Yesterday was an emotional rollercoaster. Had an u/s at 8AM, during which the tech tells me my lining is just under 6mm. Which I know means time to cancel the cycle as CCRM wants it around 8mm. The bummer about getting bad news while on a butt-load of E2 is that the news feels especially bad. So I was totally bummed most of the day yesterday. Totally distracted and unable to work. My sweet DH took me on a day date to help cheer me up and we did have fun seeing the new Seth Rogan movie (that man seriously makes me laugh at almost everything he says/does).

When I hadn't heard from CCRM by 2, I call them to do the usual dance. The dance goes like this:
Step 1: get a procedure done locally as early in the AM as possible so have time to complete dance before CCRM closes for the day.
Step 2: wait several hours
Step 3: call CCRM and leave voicemail (because 9 times out of 10, no one answers the IVF nurse line) asking if they've recieved the results
Step 4: wait for call-back
Step 5: receive call-back, which almost always informs me that no they have not received the results
Step 6: call local place and ask them to re-fax results. In this case (as per usual), it was calling the imaging center and the blood lab
Step 7: wait
Step 8: call CCRM and leave voicemail asking if they've received the results
Step 9: receive call-back

This time, the call-back consisted of surprisingly good news--we are OK to go! The official report stated that my lining was 7.5mm, not 6. Who knows why. Could be the tech looked at the wrong measurement. I know from the zillions of u/s's I've had that they take several measurements. I don't know if they use the thickest or a paticualr part of the uterus. Either way, my CCRM nurse double checked and yep, 7.5 is the official reading.

My E2 was also good: 1,591. Down from last week's, which I think is weird. But anything over 300 is considered good, so we're good.

So I booked travel. We're staying at the Hampton Inn again. This is where we stayed for my DD's FET. We are hoping the internet will be better than the Candlewood (where we stayed for the last 2 FETs) so we can stream Netflix/Amazon Prime during bedrest. We will also bring some DVDs just in case.

re: Meds:
-Lupron stops Saturday.
-Sunday I start Medrol, Doxy, and Prometrium (3x/day vaginally, which means laying down for 20-30 minutes after insertion).
-continue Vivelle patches (4 every other day) and estrace (2x/day vaginally), baby aspirin, Vit D, and prenatals

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