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Friday, May 16, 2014

Post-pregnancy FET #3 on it's way

So sorry for the silence. Our Jan FET didn't work and I needed a break from thinking about TTC. With the Jan transfer, we got a positive HPT and positive but faint blood test. However, it was negative by the 2nd blood test (just a couple days later given the low level on the first blood test). For our Oct 2013 transfer I also had a positive HPT but negative blood preg test. This all suggests that both embies implanted (thus releasing HCG which is the hormone detected in preg tests) but didn't survive very long. Dr. Surrey thinks this is because DH and I make crap embryos (my words not his--and this is of course excepting our amazing miracle-of-science DD!). But just to make sure, Dr. S had me get a uterine biopsy (which I did locally then shipped the sample to a lab in NC for testing) to test for the presence of a protein in my uterus. The lack of this protein can affect implantation. I have the protein. This, combined with the fact that I gave birth 2 years ago is more evidence that it's not my body, it's our embyos that are the problem.

So I took a 3 month break from TTC. I've been a baby factory for nearly 6 years now (2 years TTC, 1 year pregnant, 1 year breastfeeding, 1 year TTC #2) and although being pregnant and getting to breastfeed was AMAZING, I needed a freakin' break--time to just be a person, not a baby factory. To not think about what I ate or drank, to exercise or not, to lose weight or not and not have it all feel SO. IMPORTANT.  It was glorious!

Now we're back at it for our 3rd and final FET. It's tentatively scheduled for end of May. My protocol is slightly different. I did BCPs then lupron. I'm now on lupron, Vivelle patches, and estrace 2x per day.

Had my first u/s yesterday for lining check and everything looks good so far. Lining was already at 6mm. E2 was 1,090 and anything over 50 is good. They have been hyped up on E2 because in previous attempts, my E2 was low and my lining took a little longer than usual to thicken. So the hope is that all this E2 will help my lining and hopefully help implantation.

So, big fingers crossed for us as this is it. Our last attempt.

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