Countdown to meeting Obi!

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Still on target

Results from today's b/w:


I waited for the results at the hospital so was freaking out when I saw them. I expected by HCG to be over 2000 and my e2 has fallen.

I just got off the phone with my nurse at CCRM and she reassured me that these numbers look great! For HCG, anything over 1000 is considered good. For e2, anything over 300 is good. She said it's normal for e2 to wax and wane depending on things like whether it was a new patch day, an old patch day, etc. So my 850 is fine because it's over 300. They only worry if it gets below 300.

So next b/w won't be for another week. Which seems like an eternity! I like my confirmation every few days that my HCG is rising.

The longer term plan is to keep doing weekly monitoring of e2 and p4 -- no more HCG :( -- until around week 12. We'll start tapering me off the meds after my 8.5 week u/s (assuming everything looks ok then). In the meantime, since I'm on estrace, no pools for me. Which is a bummer because it's summer in LA and it's freaking hot. And I have lots of opportunities for pool parties and it'd be fun to get to play in the pool with my DD, who is an awesome swimmer at 2y/o. But, I'm pregnant! So it that means no pool time, I can live with that. It's WAY easier to deal with the lifestyle restrictions of IF treatment now that I'm doing it because I'm pregnant! :)

Thursday, June 19, 2014


I'm officially, confidently pregnant! HCG= 220.3!

It seems that Obi is a late implanter. Which apparently can happen with frozen embryos. And makes sense based on my HCG and HPT results. My first positive HPT with DD was 6dp5dt with EPT, which is not as sensitive as First Response. I got my first positive HPT with Obi on 6/12 or 6dp5dt with First Response. EPT was negative that day. I didn't get my first positive on EPT with Obi until 9dp5dt. Here's a pic of the first First Response HPT I took that was (faintly) positive at 6dp5dt:

DH and I are thrilled! After the two "chemical pregnancies", we were expecting Obi's low HCG numbers to be a sign of this not working. This is a very happy surprise!
Next beta is Monday. In the meantime, I keep on doing what I've been doing in terms of meds and lifestyle prescriptions.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pregnancy symptoms

My body is certainly acting pregnant! And given my low HCG and that I'm only ~ 1 month pregnant, it must be from all the meds I'm on. But I feel pregnant. Here are the symptoms I have so far:

I'm EXHAUSTED. For the past 3 days I've taken 1-2 hour naps every day. And I never nap. I can only work ~ 1/2 day because I'm exhausted and totally brain dead after a few hours of work.

Luckily I'm not as nauseous as I was with DD. I read that most women have less morning sickness with their 2nd than with their first. I still have a lot of nausea and bloat but nowhere near as badly as I did with DD. I have realized that I need to eat every few hours to keep the bloat and nausea at bay, so I need to get better about carrying food with me and having more carbs in the house (because carbs seem to be the best cure for the nausea).

Food cravings
None. It's more that certain foods sound terrible right now with the nausea. So I want Mexican food. And pizza. And burgers. Sadly, veggies and fruit sound terrible later in the day as the bloat gets worse. So I try to load up on them in the AM knowing I'll eat greasy carbs by dinner.

I'm actually not super emotional...yet. But I'm freaking exhausted and nauseous which can make me cranky. So I'm finding I'm a bit snippier with DH than usual. But hopefully I'll get better at managing the bloat/nausea and get that under control.

I'm hoping these symptoms are a sign of good news for tomorrow...

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The force appears strong with this one...

I've been hesitant to post this because the news is so ambiguous but it seems I'm pregnant! Here's the rollercoaster we've been on this week:
Sunday 6/15: HCG: 27.2, which is technically pregnant. However, CCRM likes to see HCG greater than 50 at this point. So this was a "cautiously optimistic" BFP. The real test in this case was whether the value doubled over the next two days. As an fyi-E2 was 1702 and P4 was 20.3 (both good).

On Monday, I got the pregnancy phone call from Dr. Surrey. I was SO not expecting that. When we had a low positive HCG with the last FET, I don't think he called after that first low beta. But he called because 27.2 is definitely pregnant. The plan is to monitor my HCG every two days until it's over 100. It should double every two days if the pregnancy is going to be successful. He was also cautiously optimistic and excited that we've gotten this far given the past two failed FETs. But the last two were chemical pregnancies, so cautiously optimistic indeed.

Tues 6/17: HCG: 76.8. So little Obi did it! It doubled! But it's still under 100. So again, cautiously pregnant. He also tested TSH (because some women have their rise when they get preggers and mine was elevated for DDs so I was on synthroid for her pregnancy). My level was fine (1.74 and anything under 3 is considered good).

Since it's under 100, we will test again Thurs. So far so good.

It's all a bit surreal. DH and I definitely don't feel like I'm pregnant. Rather, it feels like we're just doing more of what we've been doing all year -- more IF treatment. We don't feel excited but we don't feel scared. Just in cope mode, I guess. I think this will feel more real if Thursday's beta has at least doubled. In the meantime, orders remain the same. Same meds, same exercise restrictions (nothing except light walking, no lifting anything over 10 lbs including DD), etc.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Due date

This is definitely getting ahead of myself, but I just calculated Obi's due date if this transfer works. It will be 2/21/15. Which means March madness will officially become Spring madness! With Feb containing Valentine's Day and Mardi Gras (usually) and March having DH's bday, St Pat's, my bday, and DD's bday. It will be a crazy time full of celebration. A wonderful wonderful problem to have.

I looked it up because I'm feeling nauseous today. Now, I was nauseous for failed FET #2 and it turned out to be a stomach virus. So I'm very aware the nausea could be something else. But it's making me hopeful...

Friday, June 6, 2014


Today's transfer went well! Our little embryo, who we are calling Obi-wan (picture below), survived the thaw with 100% cell survival rate and began hatching. Had acupuncture before and after and have been eating pineapple like it's my job.

Blood test results good as well:
e2: 2155 (anything over 300 is good)
P4: 20
Now on bed rest until Sunday morning. Fingers crossed all goes well with "our only  hope"!

Back in CO

We arrived in CO yesterday. We have already had some adventures. We were greeted with a hail storm in June:

And in addition to seeing a prairie dog, we have bunnies on the grounds of our hotel:

The Hampton Inn is nicer than we remember. We think maybe they renovated. No musty smell in our room (although there is in the hallway). The room is great! Very quiet and peaceful. No DVD players anymore but the high speed internet does allow us to stream amazon prime and netflix.  The complimentary breakfast and afternoon snacks are of the quality one would expect from a place like this so we are cooking all our meals. Whole foods nearby.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Another game of good news/bad news

First the good news: my p4 is 11.38. Anything over 6 is considered good. Getting the result was annoying -- the nurse only wrote "same day" not "stat" on the order so the lab didn't run the blood until last night, after CCRM had closed. So I didn't get to find out until this AM. Ah, the frustrations of coordinating out-of-state care.

Now the bad news: after at least 3 other times on P4 suppositories, my body has decided to have an adverse reaction to them. At least, that what we think is going on. TMI alert: the first night I took my P4 soppository I was awaken in the night with wicked whoo-ha itching. It has persisted since then. I thought maybe due to all the CM as a result of all the E2 I'm on that I developed a yeast infection (although no other symptoms of yeast infection. just itching). Unable to stand it any longer (and worreid that if I have an infection of some sort they may need to cancel the FET), I called CCRM this AM. They agreed I needed to get it checked out. So I got a same day appoitment with my OB-GYN (we can put the ability to get a same day appointment in the good news column!). My OB did a culture adn exam. The culture results won't be back before Friday. But based on visual exam plus putting smaple under microscope, there's no evidence of infection. She said that she wouldn't prescrie anything for me if I were coming in under regular circumstances so shouldn't need any additional treatment.

I'm awaiting a callback from CCRM (we've been playing phone tag) to confirm but it looks like I'll have to switch from suppositories to progesterone in oil. I've done it before when my P4 levels were off during my Oct cycle. For those who haven't done it, let me warn you - -the need is freakin' huge! Way bigger than the lupron shot needle. In some ways, the shot will be a bigger pain in the ass (literally and figuratively). Not only is the needle scary big, but it can hurt and burn to get the shot. Plus, it means more freakin' shots and I was so happy to be done with shots. On the plus side, no more mid-day having to lay down after suppositories, so in the end I think the shot will be easier. I'm a little freaked out that this means different meds from what I was one for my DD's transfer. But last FET I was on the same meds and got a BFN, so maybe it doesn't matter...