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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Another game of good news/bad news

First the good news: my p4 is 11.38. Anything over 6 is considered good. Getting the result was annoying -- the nurse only wrote "same day" not "stat" on the order so the lab didn't run the blood until last night, after CCRM had closed. So I didn't get to find out until this AM. Ah, the frustrations of coordinating out-of-state care.

Now the bad news: after at least 3 other times on P4 suppositories, my body has decided to have an adverse reaction to them. At least, that what we think is going on. TMI alert: the first night I took my P4 soppository I was awaken in the night with wicked whoo-ha itching. It has persisted since then. I thought maybe due to all the CM as a result of all the E2 I'm on that I developed a yeast infection (although no other symptoms of yeast infection. just itching). Unable to stand it any longer (and worreid that if I have an infection of some sort they may need to cancel the FET), I called CCRM this AM. They agreed I needed to get it checked out. So I got a same day appoitment with my OB-GYN (we can put the ability to get a same day appointment in the good news column!). My OB did a culture adn exam. The culture results won't be back before Friday. But based on visual exam plus putting smaple under microscope, there's no evidence of infection. She said that she wouldn't prescrie anything for me if I were coming in under regular circumstances so shouldn't need any additional treatment.

I'm awaiting a callback from CCRM (we've been playing phone tag) to confirm but it looks like I'll have to switch from suppositories to progesterone in oil. I've done it before when my P4 levels were off during my Oct cycle. For those who haven't done it, let me warn you - -the need is freakin' huge! Way bigger than the lupron shot needle. In some ways, the shot will be a bigger pain in the ass (literally and figuratively). Not only is the needle scary big, but it can hurt and burn to get the shot. Plus, it means more freakin' shots and I was so happy to be done with shots. On the plus side, no more mid-day having to lay down after suppositories, so in the end I think the shot will be easier. I'm a little freaked out that this means different meds from what I was one for my DD's transfer. But last FET I was on the same meds and got a BFN, so maybe it doesn't matter...


  1. Wishing you a ton of luck. Just found your blog. I'm also a CCRM patient. I certainly will be sending you lots and lots of good baby vibes.

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  3. You can ask them to prescribe numbing cream. You won't feel the shot. I used it initially, but then stopped. Only because it takes about 20 minutes. I am very impatient. Also, I'm weird. I SO prefer PIO to suppositories.