Countdown to meeting Obi!

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Thursday, June 19, 2014


I'm officially, confidently pregnant! HCG= 220.3!

It seems that Obi is a late implanter. Which apparently can happen with frozen embryos. And makes sense based on my HCG and HPT results. My first positive HPT with DD was 6dp5dt with EPT, which is not as sensitive as First Response. I got my first positive HPT with Obi on 6/12 or 6dp5dt with First Response. EPT was negative that day. I didn't get my first positive on EPT with Obi until 9dp5dt. Here's a pic of the first First Response HPT I took that was (faintly) positive at 6dp5dt:

DH and I are thrilled! After the two "chemical pregnancies", we were expecting Obi's low HCG numbers to be a sign of this not working. This is a very happy surprise!
Next beta is Monday. In the meantime, I keep on doing what I've been doing in terms of meds and lifestyle prescriptions.