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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pregnancy symptoms

My body is certainly acting pregnant! And given my low HCG and that I'm only ~ 1 month pregnant, it must be from all the meds I'm on. But I feel pregnant. Here are the symptoms I have so far:

I'm EXHAUSTED. For the past 3 days I've taken 1-2 hour naps every day. And I never nap. I can only work ~ 1/2 day because I'm exhausted and totally brain dead after a few hours of work.

Luckily I'm not as nauseous as I was with DD. I read that most women have less morning sickness with their 2nd than with their first. I still have a lot of nausea and bloat but nowhere near as badly as I did with DD. I have realized that I need to eat every few hours to keep the bloat and nausea at bay, so I need to get better about carrying food with me and having more carbs in the house (because carbs seem to be the best cure for the nausea).

Food cravings
None. It's more that certain foods sound terrible right now with the nausea. So I want Mexican food. And pizza. And burgers. Sadly, veggies and fruit sound terrible later in the day as the bloat gets worse. So I try to load up on them in the AM knowing I'll eat greasy carbs by dinner.

I'm actually not super emotional...yet. But I'm freaking exhausted and nauseous which can make me cranky. So I'm finding I'm a bit snippier with DH than usual. But hopefully I'll get better at managing the bloat/nausea and get that under control.

I'm hoping these symptoms are a sign of good news for tomorrow...


  1. Hoping it's not true for you but I was WAY sicker with my 2nd.

    GL on 3rd beta!

  2. Best of luck tomorrow!! Hoping all these symptoms mean good things to come!