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Monday, June 23, 2014

Still on target

Results from today's b/w:


I waited for the results at the hospital so was freaking out when I saw them. I expected by HCG to be over 2000 and my e2 has fallen.

I just got off the phone with my nurse at CCRM and she reassured me that these numbers look great! For HCG, anything over 1000 is considered good. For e2, anything over 300 is good. She said it's normal for e2 to wax and wane depending on things like whether it was a new patch day, an old patch day, etc. So my 850 is fine because it's over 300. They only worry if it gets below 300.

So next b/w won't be for another week. Which seems like an eternity! I like my confirmation every few days that my HCG is rising.

The longer term plan is to keep doing weekly monitoring of e2 and p4 -- no more HCG :( -- until around week 12. We'll start tapering me off the meds after my 8.5 week u/s (assuming everything looks ok then). In the meantime, since I'm on estrace, no pools for me. Which is a bummer because it's summer in LA and it's freaking hot. And I have lots of opportunities for pool parties and it'd be fun to get to play in the pool with my DD, who is an awesome swimmer at 2y/o. But, I'm pregnant! So it that means no pool time, I can live with that. It's WAY easier to deal with the lifestyle restrictions of IF treatment now that I'm doing it because I'm pregnant! :)

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