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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The force appears strong with this one...

I've been hesitant to post this because the news is so ambiguous but it seems I'm pregnant! Here's the rollercoaster we've been on this week:
Sunday 6/15: HCG: 27.2, which is technically pregnant. However, CCRM likes to see HCG greater than 50 at this point. So this was a "cautiously optimistic" BFP. The real test in this case was whether the value doubled over the next two days. As an fyi-E2 was 1702 and P4 was 20.3 (both good).

On Monday, I got the pregnancy phone call from Dr. Surrey. I was SO not expecting that. When we had a low positive HCG with the last FET, I don't think he called after that first low beta. But he called because 27.2 is definitely pregnant. The plan is to monitor my HCG every two days until it's over 100. It should double every two days if the pregnancy is going to be successful. He was also cautiously optimistic and excited that we've gotten this far given the past two failed FETs. But the last two were chemical pregnancies, so cautiously optimistic indeed.

Tues 6/17: HCG: 76.8. So little Obi did it! It doubled! But it's still under 100. So again, cautiously pregnant. He also tested TSH (because some women have their rise when they get preggers and mine was elevated for DDs so I was on synthroid for her pregnancy). My level was fine (1.74 and anything under 3 is considered good).

Since it's under 100, we will test again Thurs. So far so good.

It's all a bit surreal. DH and I definitely don't feel like I'm pregnant. Rather, it feels like we're just doing more of what we've been doing all year -- more IF treatment. We don't feel excited but we don't feel scared. Just in cope mode, I guess. I think this will feel more real if Thursday's beta has at least doubled. In the meantime, orders remain the same. Same meds, same exercise restrictions (nothing except light walking, no lifting anything over 10 lbs including DD), etc.

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