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Monday, July 7, 2014

Bloodwork still lookin' good, although more preg symptoms cropping up

Today's b/w results are all good:

I'm getting more and more tired these days. Probably not much different from when I was preg with DD. The difference is it's much harder to just relax with a toddler. I'm fortunate in that my job allows for me to work in the mornings (when I'm most alert), then around 1, I stop working and relax, watching TV for a couple of hours. I usually take a 1/2 hour-to-hour long nap in the afternoons. DH brings DD home around 5 and I get to spend time with her until her bedtime at 8. I love spending time with her, but it's getting harder and harder to do so because my body just wants to laze around on the couch and watch TV. When I push myself to play, I get nauseous and light headed. I try to not just watch TV all evening (we usually have a strict 1/2 hour of TV per day with DD--right before bedtime), but sometimes these days we watch a little more because "mommy's not feeling well". During DD's pregnancy, I think I spent most evenings vegging out in front of the TV.

We haven't told DD about Obi yet. We want to wait until at least the 2nd trimester just in case. So for now, DD knows that I can't pick her up or go swimming and that I get tired and don't feel well because I'm on medication. I'm looking forward to the 2nd trimester when I will (hopefully) have more energy.

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