Countdown to meeting Obi!

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Monday, July 7, 2014


On Thursday, we got to see Obi's heart beating!!! It was amazing. The rate was 111 (anything over 100 is considered good). Obi measured in at 6 weeks 1 day (within 1 week of where my preg is -- with is ~ 6.5 weeks -- is good). It makes sense to me that Obi would measure a bit under 6.5 given it looks like s/he was a late implanter.

I will continue to get weekly b/w to monitor meds. Meds stay the same. Lifestyle restrictions the same (no exercise other than walking, no baths/swimming) except we can have sex now. Next ultrasound will be ~ 7/17 (8.5 weeks).


  1. Congrats!! What a beautiful sight!!

  2. So happy for you and congrats!