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Monday, July 14, 2014


One aspect of this that has been a pain in my ass (literally) is the progesterone in oil shots. I get one every night. In the tuckus. It's an intramuscular shot (as opposed to subcutaneous shots--in the belly--I've gotten for more of my IF treatment). Thus, the needle is freakin' huge because it has to make it into the muscle. Here's a side-by-side comparison of the size of the PIO needle vs the lupron needle (this is DH's hand holding the needles):

We can alternate sides of my ass to give the shot but it has to go in a pretty specific spot. Thus, the needle goes pretty much in the same spot every other day. My injection sites are totally bruised. They sometimes hurt like crazy. Sometimes it burns going in, sometimes it burns going out. Sometimes it hurts because of the bruising. Sometimes it hurts because DH (who gives them to me) gets the wrong spot. One time, he injected me too high up and I had a knot of what I think was the PIO being absorbed more slowly than it was supposed to. And that hurt. It makes it harder to sleep because it sometimes hurts to sleep on the side where the shot/bruising is. At first I was glad for the PIO rather than the pills because it's once a day. Done and done. But after weeks of PIO shots, I'm over it.

I got b/w results today. The nurse told me that if all looks good on this week's u/s, we can start weaning off the meds. I'll be most excited for this because it means Obi's doing well. I'll be second most excited for this because it'll mean no more freakin' PIO shots.

Here are today's b/w results:


  1. Those shots were so painful, sometimes I would just hit the wrong spot. So happy everything is going so well. Congrats again!!!