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Friday, July 25, 2014

Weaning, weaning, weaning

Based on the results of Monday's blood test (e2=1609, p4=26.06), I get to continue to wean off my meds! Starting Tues I got to wear 2 patches every other day. And last night (Thurs) was my first night with no PIO shot!!! It was glorious!

The weird thing is that I've been super nauseous this week, starting Tuesday. I don't know if I coincidentally caught a stomach bug or whether the change in meds (e2 especially given I didn't start weaning p4 until yesterday) is making me nauseous. Either way, I'm staying home from work today--I'm too nauseous to get through a day of meetings. I tried weaning sea-bands yesterday and a mom at DD's daycare spotted them and knew it meant I'm preggers. She's a sweetheart so I don't mind her knowing but it made me realize that I can't wear my sea-bands this time around in case people figure it out. And we're not ready to go public yet. Not until we get to the 2nd trimester. Too much has gone wrong this year for us to be that confident yet.

I have a blood test today to find out how my body's responding to the weaning. Fingers crossed I get to continue to wean off the freakin' PIO.