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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

CCRM Graduation Day!

It's official! I am no longer a CCRM patient! They are transferring care to my OB. My b/w from yesterday looks good--e2=653 (anything over 300 considered good).

Wow. I can't believe it. It's been such a long road. I've been working with CCRM on this transfer since my ODWU in May 2013.

In other cool news -- CCRM has started telling the baby's sex again (they wouldn't tell with DD under after we found it out from our OB). My CCRM nurse didn't have that info but is having the genetic counselor call me today or tomorrow with the news. Which means one less unknown. Very cool!

Freedom! And more Obi pictures!

I haven't taken any medications since Saturday and it's been glorious!
My bloodwork Friday came back good:
e2=703, p4=15.29

Thus, I was able to remove my last patch and discontinue baby aspirin on Saturday. It feels good to be able to trust my body to do this on its own.

We also had an u/s Thursday to test NT for Downs. Little Obi was doing a dance party -- arms waving, unable to sit still. It was AMAZING! And we got to hear the heart beat again, which was wonderful music to accompany the dancing.

The traditional ultrasound pic

Dance party pic

With my retroverted uterus, it's often difficult for the techs to get a good view of the baby. This was the case Thursday, so I need to go back in Wed for another u/s. Which I don't mind because I'll get to see the baby again!

However, lest this seem as though I'm done with IF treatment, I am not. I had b/w done Monday to make sure my e2 is OK with my placenta working on it's down. The freakin' lab didn't get the results to CCRM before end of day, so I'm now awaiting a call back from CCRM to find out if all is OK. If so, I think I'll officially be done with IF treatment! Whoooooo-hooooooooo! I may have a dance party of my own!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Waxing emotional

I realized this evening that my posts this time around have been much more facts-oriented than my posts for my pregnancy with #1. I think there are several reasons for that.

(1) I'm not as emotional this time around. Yes I've been scared. In fact, there's still a part of me that doesn't know if Obi will still be alive for Thursday's u/s. But this time around, trying for #2, has felt much less desperate than for #1. Not that we don't dearly want a second child. But we are very very happy with our life right now. DH and I love being parents. And we have been fortunate enough to have that opportunity. If all works out with #2, our lives will be even fuller.

(2) I have much more social support this time around so I don't need to vent my emotions on here as much as I did the first time around. I've made some amazing friends in the past couple of years. They have been so supportive of this crazy journey we've been on -- everything from asking me how I'm/Obi's doing to texting me to let me know they are rooting for me days I have u/s and b/w etc to staying with DD while DH and I went to Co THREE times to bringing me a ginormous bag of popcorn to satisfy my/Obi's late night cravings to baking me zucchini muffins when I was feeling too nauseous to eat anything but carbs to staying with DD later this month so DH and I can have a night away for a wonderful date night/day to sleep in. I'm so grateful for their support.

This is reminding me of something that happened months ago--an old friend who knew I was having problems with my IF treatment got pregnant. I'm so happy for her and her family. But the way she chose to tell me -- was to bump her belly against mine while giving me a hello hug. Luckily I had been told that she was pregnant the night before so I wasn't totally surprised. But seriously. Bumping your bump on your infertile friend's barren womb while she's struggling with failed IF treatment has to rank up there among the most insensitive ways to announce your pregnancy.

Needless to say, no more of that type of "support".

(3) I'm a working mom with a 2 year old. I love spending time with DD! And time with her is precious. I get ~ 1-1.5 hours with her in the AM, then she's at daycare and I'm at work/working from home/napping/resting all day, then I get another ~ 3 hours with her in the evenings. I don't want to waste any precious time with her doing something other than paying attention to her, playing with her, hearing about her day and her insights on things. After she goes to sleep each night, DH and I have ~ 2 hours to clean the house, relax, spend time together before bedtime. So I just don't have the time to ruminate on this process as much as I did before I had DD.

The end of IF treatment is in sight!

Results from today's bloodwork were OK:
e2=701, p4=14

The nurse who called with teh results was not my usual nurse. She gave me the results then asked when I get my next bloodwork done. I said "Mondays". She said in that case we can wean on Fri or Sat--go down to 1 patch and no more PIO. Then I can get b/w checked Monday.

I said "that sounds great! But I'm also totally happy to go in for b/w earlier than Monday if that means getting off the meds sooner." So, she said that if I can get b/w done Thurs or Fri that I can wean off Wed instead of this weekend. Whoo-hooo!!! So my last (hopefully EVER) PIO shot will be tonight. Then no more PIO shots (FX!)!

So. Excited!

Almost off the meds!

Friday's bloodwork looked good:

This is great news for two reasons: (1) it suggests my placenta is working (and hopefully that I'm still pregnant) and (2) I can continue to wean off the meds. Specifically, I'm now on PIO every other day and as of Sat, 1/2 cc of PIO every other day. I also got to stop taking the vaginally inserted estrace pill on Saturday (so not shoving any more meds up my who-ha!). I had bloodwork earlier today to check to see how my body is responding to the weaning and if it looks good, I'll continue to wean off. SO excited to be off the meds and to stop IF treatment! I've been in IF treatment for over a year and so ready to be done! FX!