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Monday, August 4, 2014

Almost off the meds!

Friday's bloodwork looked good:

This is great news for two reasons: (1) it suggests my placenta is working (and hopefully that I'm still pregnant) and (2) I can continue to wean off the meds. Specifically, I'm now on PIO every other day and as of Sat, 1/2 cc of PIO every other day. I also got to stop taking the vaginally inserted estrace pill on Saturday (so not shoving any more meds up my who-ha!). I had bloodwork earlier today to check to see how my body is responding to the weaning and if it looks good, I'll continue to wean off. SO excited to be off the meds and to stop IF treatment! I've been in IF treatment for over a year and so ready to be done! FX!

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