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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Freedom! And more Obi pictures!

I haven't taken any medications since Saturday and it's been glorious!
My bloodwork Friday came back good:
e2=703, p4=15.29

Thus, I was able to remove my last patch and discontinue baby aspirin on Saturday. It feels good to be able to trust my body to do this on its own.

We also had an u/s Thursday to test NT for Downs. Little Obi was doing a dance party -- arms waving, unable to sit still. It was AMAZING! And we got to hear the heart beat again, which was wonderful music to accompany the dancing.

The traditional ultrasound pic

Dance party pic

With my retroverted uterus, it's often difficult for the techs to get a good view of the baby. This was the case Thursday, so I need to go back in Wed for another u/s. Which I don't mind because I'll get to see the baby again!

However, lest this seem as though I'm done with IF treatment, I am not. I had b/w done Monday to make sure my e2 is OK with my placenta working on it's down. The freakin' lab didn't get the results to CCRM before end of day, so I'm now awaiting a call back from CCRM to find out if all is OK. If so, I think I'll officially be done with IF treatment! Whoooooo-hooooooooo! I may have a dance party of my own!

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