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Monday, August 4, 2014

The end of IF treatment is in sight!

Results from today's bloodwork were OK:
e2=701, p4=14

The nurse who called with teh results was not my usual nurse. She gave me the results then asked when I get my next bloodwork done. I said "Mondays". She said in that case we can wean on Fri or Sat--go down to 1 patch and no more PIO. Then I can get b/w checked Monday.

I said "that sounds great! But I'm also totally happy to go in for b/w earlier than Monday if that means getting off the meds sooner." So, she said that if I can get b/w done Thurs or Fri that I can wean off Wed instead of this weekend. Whoo-hooo!!! So my last (hopefully EVER) PIO shot will be tonight. Then no more PIO shots (FX!)!

So. Excited!

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