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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

#2 Pregnancy Symptoms

For pregnancy #1, I kept a running list of pregnancy symptoms. So I thought I'd do the same for this pregnancy.

Fatigue: This as been the biggest issue so far with this pregnancy. I'm 39 and pregnant with a toddler--and feel it. I'm EXHAUSTED. It was worse my first trimester. I slept ~ 8-9 hours per night, napped 1/2-1  1/2 hours per day but also needed to relax. which is tough to do with a toddler. Luckily, my job allows me flexible hours, so I usually worked ~ 8-1, then napped or rested from 1-4. Then I'd have enough energy to hang with my family in the evenings. On weekends, I'd nap when the toddler napped. In the 2nd trimester, it's getting better. I don't HAVE to nap anymore. But I'm still really tired. Some days I can work the entire day but some days I need to stop in the afternoons to rest or nap.

Swelling: As with pregnancy #1, this was one of my first signs of pregnancy. I had to take off my wedding rings really early on bc my rings wouldn't fit anymore or if I could get them on, would hurt me as the day went on and the swelling got worse.   

Gi-normous Boobs: As with pregnancy #1, my boobs have already gotten huge. Luckily I have my pregnancy and nursing bras from #1, so I switched to those a few weeks ago, as regular bras were too tight and the underwire was a killer.

Morning Sickness: As with pregnancy #1, I'm one of the lucky ones in this department. I had a lot of nausea my first trimester that I chalk it up to the hormone meds I was on. I've read a good predictor of m/s is whether your mom had it. Mine didn't.

Weight Gain: As with pregnancy #1, I've gained weight quickly. I'm at 17 weeks and have already gained 19# (25-35 lbs is considered normal and good). I think most of weight gain was due to the hormone meds I was on and the need to eat lots and lots and lots of carbs to combat the nausea. My weight gain 2nd trimester has been at a much slower pace. I'm not too worried about this though because with pregnancy #1 I gained ~ 50# total and I lost it all without even trying after DD was born. And I didn't have any health problems (e.g., gestational diabetes). So it may just be that my body needs to gain that much weight to support my big babies (DD was over 9#).

Back Pain: So far, not too bad. No ribs popping out like I had with #1 (knock on wood!). I get some soreness that I think is my ribs expanding (as mentioned above, bras have been tight around). Earlier in my pregnancy, I was I'm sore in the mornings after sleeping. And I have a sleep number bed and don't feel sore after sleeping in that bed when I'm not pregnant. It's nothing unbearable. But I either got used to it or no longer feel sore.

Hip/tailbone pain: in 2nd trimester I started getting hip pain. Not all the time but when I do get it, wow it hurts! Mailed it tough to walk. It's esp bad when I'm physical (taking walks, but not after every walk) or stretching (esp after yoga). In 3rd trimester, I got tailbone pain. And boy does it hurt. Makes walking almost impossible. Going to massage tomorrow to see if it helps.

Vivid Dreams about my baby: I've read this can be because of sleep disturbance. And I definitely snore now that I'm preggers so I'm likely waking myself up during the night. Whatever the cause, I'm definitely remembering my dreams way better than usual. Only one baby dream that I can remember. It was actually a horrible, miscarriage dream. I'm sure because I'm still a bit worried something could go wrong with this pregnancy after all we've been through over the past year. But most dreams are just regular ol' dreams that I just remember really vividly.

Emotional roller coaster: I'm a sympathy crier while preggers. If someone cries near me (even on TV), I cry. Can't help it. Otherwise, though, the emotions seem to be in check for the most part. Sometimes a little irritable because I'm tired, but nothing too bad.

Skin Issues: There are so many we can get: Acne: Unlike with pregnancy #1, this wasn't terrible. First trimester I had a bit but not much. In second trimester, nada. Linea Nigra I got one during pregnancy #1 that never fully faded. So far, it hasn't darkened back up...yet... Stretch marks: These weren't really a problem for pregnancy #1 (again, I've read this is more hereditary). None yet... Rashes. I got this one big time very early in my first trimester. It was HORRIBLE. Bubbly and VERY itchy. I went to the dermotologist because I was worried I may have contracted something that coudl hurt the baby (derm Rx'ed a steroid that hasn't been demonstrated to be safe in pregnancy so I didn't use it). Turns out it can happen from p4. Here's a glimpse:

It was worst on my wrist and under my boobies. It took several weeks, but it eventually went away on its own. I'm assuming as hormones changed or my body adjusted to the hormones that were in there.

Pregnancy symptoms I haven't had...yet...:

Hunger: Although this was an issue for me with pregnancy #1, it lucky hasn't been for this pregnancy. I do go from not hungry to starving, but the starving isn't as fierce as it was with #1. Or maybe I'm better at managing it. I carry snacks and try to eat protein with every meal, which helps keeps the hunger monster away.

Cravings: As with pregnancy #1, I haven't really had a lot of these either. First trimester it was more about what I thought I could eat that wouldn't make me want to vomit. So there were lots of carbs, cottage cheese, burgers, and other bland food. But so far not pickles with PB and sardines.

Frequent Urination: So far, not too bad.

Gas: Although I was a gas machine for pregnancy #1, so far it hasn't been an issue with #2...

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